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  1. Acceptance of Terms
  2. Service
  3. Eligibility
  4. Listing and Selling Products
  5. Infringement of Policy
  6. Buyer and Seller Transactions
  7. Dispute Resolution
  8. Intellectual Properties
  9. Disclaimer of Warranties
  10. Severability
  11. Venue
  12. Limitation of Liability and Compensation
  13. Hold Harmless
  14. Cancellation / Return of Funds
  15. Item Decision Tree
  16. Glossary for Item Decision Tree
  17. Prohibited Items
  18. Commercial Marketplace
  19. Artistically Arranged Items
  20. Username, Account names, Usage, Squatting and Artfire.com Reserved Rights
  21. Commercial Anchor Accounts (Craft Supplies)
  22. Community Guidelines

1. Acceptance of Terms

This document outlines the terms of service for ArtFire.com. By accessing this site, using any function or service of the site or logging in to an account you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined here, you (the user) accept that this is a legally binding document between yourself and ArtFire.com. ArtFire.com is a virtual venue that allows the buying and selling of unique artisan made goods. ArtFire.com is not directly involved with any transaction or associated agreements made between parties who engage in the buying and/or selling of goods on the site (ArtFire.com). ArtFire accepts no responsibility, nor shall be held liable for the transactions that occur as a result of usage of the website.

All users must agree to, and comply absolutely with the terms and conditions set forth by this document. Use of the site constitutes agreement to comply with these terms of use.

2. Service

Access to buyer account functions and general buyer usage is free. Access to a Pro seller account and seller functions requires a current and up to date pro member subscription. It is the sole discretion of ArtFire to grant site usage, as well as to revoke site usage at any time, for any reason and without notice to you. By your use of the site you agree that ArtFire is not liable to you or any third party for the termination of your account, or restriction from website usage. ArtFire retains the right to refuse service to any member and suspend any users account at its sole discretion.

3. Eligibility

To access and utilize the resources on this site you must be a registered user or comply with the following restrictions: ArtFire's services are only available to users who are 18 years of age or older and can legally create a binding contract between buyer and seller. Users who are not 18 years of age can participate if they are supervised at all times by a parent or legal guardian over the age of 18. In this case, the parent or legal guardian assumes responsibility of all activities carried out by the user. The user or parent/legal guardian agrees that ArtFire shall not be held responsible for any damages incurred by non-commitment to this policy.

Further, you as either a registered or non-registered user, agree to comply with the TOU of ArtFire and decisions of ArtFire staff, and shall not act in a manner that hinders or prohibits ArtFire from conducting business or damages the integrity of the marketplace. Users hereby agree to act accordingly with local, national and international laws regarding acceptable content, commerce and conduct.

4. Listing and Selling Products

ArtFire provides a platform for artisans to buy and sell handmade/fine art/design/media/vintage/supply goods. Sellers may only list products and conduct sales transactions for items that they are legally able to sell. Any item that does not meet this criterion will be removed at ArtFire's discretion and the user's account will be evaluated for possible termination. ArtFire reserves the right to review a user's account at anytime and without notice. ArtFire reserves the right to remove content which is deemed to be inappropriate or that could subject ArtFire to legal action.

Registered pro sellers may open a "studio" and sell an unlimited number of items. All users must warrant that the products that they intend to sell on ArtFire are described accurately and completely. Each one-of-a-kind item may only have one listing. Multiple quantity items may be listed by Pro sellers. Items listed by Pro sellers will remain active as long as the Pro account is paid in full.

Studios - All users that choose to open a studio are encouraged to create and post a list of policies outlining the specific details for their studio. These policies should include but not be limited to: shipping and handling fees, payment processors, return policy, and selling policies. All studio policies must conform to the policies for acceptable use and privacy set forth by ArtFire.com. In the event the studio policies conflict with the TOU of ArtFire.com the TOU will supersede any studio policies.

The transaction between buyer and seller shall be considered a legally binding contract between those two parties. ArtFire shall not be held liable, nor will ArtFire mediate or adjudicate the transaction or any resulting conflict between the two parties. The seller is responsible for the safe delivery of the sale item(s). The buyer will be responsible for paying for items purchased, in accordance with the policies and terms and conditions set forth by the seller. Buyers and sellers are responsible for all communication, specification or customization requests and communication. Sellers are required to confirm customization via email for OOAK or customized products to ensure a record of the request outside of the internal ArtFire systems.

The seller of an item or items must guarantee the condition of the item, and may not misrepresent the item to be sold in any way. Users are prohibited from sharing accounts, or using another user's account without permission. Violation of this policy will result in an investigation by ArtFire, and possibly lead to the termination of the user account or other corrective actions deemed appropriate by ArtFire.com.

The ArtFire cart and checkout process includes the addition of applicable sales taxes where our software can determine a tax nexus between buyer and seller. Tax rates are updated quarterly by independent tax data providers. Due to the complexity of tax rates and application in multiple states, the accuracy of the tax rate identified in the cart and checkout is based on the best information available to the software at the time of checkout and may or may not be accurate based on changes to any particular jurisdictions tax laws. As a business owner, you are responsible for interpreting and correctly applying tax laws in your local jurisdiction ( city, county and state or other tax region). ArtFire cannot provide and nothing we communicate should be interpreted as providing legal or tax advice.

Collection of appropriate taxes and remittance to appropriate authorities within the regulations and laws of a seller'ks local jurisdiction remains the sole responsibility and liability of the seller. ArtFire does not collect or make tax payments on any seller's behalf. All Sellers have the ability to turn off the tax calculations at the studio level by going HERE (link to tax settings) and collect tax independently of the suggested tax rates in the ArtFire shopping cart and checkout process.

By using the ArtFire platform you agree that ArtFire is not responsible for determining taxation applicable to your business and that you will ensure all proper taxes are remitted to the respective tax authorities.

5. Infringement of Policy

All users of ArtFire.com must agree to comply with all applicable laws of commerce (local, national, and international) and shall be held solely liable for infringement of these laws. ArtFire will cooperate fully with any request from an appropriate law enforcement agency for information regarding the violation of any law by a user. The user is responsible for any and all conduct and activity that pertains to posting on ArtFire.com. This includes images, copy, text, data, graphics, usernames, email addresses, photographs, profiles, avatars, videos, items, products, audio, and links that are posted to and displayed on ArtFire.com.

6. Buyer and Seller Transactions

Through the use of the ArtFire.com service, buyers and sellers will create legally binding contracts for the sale of goods and services. Both parties are expected to fulfill the arrangement for the sale of goods and or services. ArtFire does not represent either party, and does not charge fees or commissions from the transaction between parties.

Users who engage in buying and/or selling should be aware and assume the risks of using a website or the internet to commence transactions. Users should be aware of other users operating under false pretence, misrepresentation, and with the intent to commit fraud.

While ArtFire takes precautionary measures to ensure the identity and validity of users who sign up electronically to use the site service, we cannot and do not confirm the identity of all parties who use the ArtFire.com service. We suggest all users employ common sense, and encourage users to contact ArtFire to report any and all suspicious behavior or misappropriation of the site service.

ArtFire does not control the content posted by users. If you find content presented by users that you deem offensive, harmful, or derogatory, you may contact us via service@ArtFire.com. ArtFire provides an open community and embraces the free speech of users on the site within the limitations set forth in this TOU and decisions made by ArtFire.com staff.

7. Dispute Resolution

For disputes between users and ArtFire, please contact ArtFire directly through one of the posted channels available to all users. Our customer service personnel are standing by to assist.

In the event that a dispute arises between one or more users of the ArtFire site or a 3rd party, ArtFire will be considered free of any and all claims, damages or demands created by the dispute. While we try and maintain a safe, free trade environment, ArtFire has no obligation to mitigate or resolve disputes between users and other parties. ArtFire encourages users to use the proper local, national or international authorities to assist in dispute resolution.

8. Intellectual Properties

All domains, graphics, images, photography, copy, text, video, and audio, including buttons, headers, links, footers and site themes created by ArtFire, ArtFire staff, or contractors of ArtFire are considered the trade dress of ArtFire.com. Any and all data aforementioned is copyrighted and may not be used without the express written permission of ArtFire or its officers, manager's agents and/or staff.

Any and all content uploaded to the site including text, descriptions, images, reviews, posts, and articles retains the original copyright of the owner/creator. By accessing the site and uploading content the creator agrees to grant worldwide non-exclusive right to republish said content for the purposes of promoting or providing benefit to the web community and properties of ArtFire.

This license extends to the reasonable lifetime of any promotional tool. ArtFire.com does not seek to engage in resale or to deprive the artist of income from potential licensing agreements with third parties. In order to facilitate this please send any requests for specific action along with proof of copyright ownership to our legal agent:

Attn: Marketplace Integrity Division
283 N Stone
Tucson, AZ 85701

Email: MID@artfire.com

All end users recognize that ArtFire.com has no control over any third party who may harvest or use content from a public website. Additionally, ArtFire.com software allows users to post, publish and store content and information without pre-approval. ArtFire.com is in the business of software rental. ArFire.com does not charge any commission or fee based on the listing or sale of any item, service or information. The totality of revenue for this site is derived from software rental for an e-commerce platform, promotional services and advertising services. As such, ArtFire.com meets the required safe harbor test listed in [512(c)(1)(B)], [512(d)(2)] of the DMCA.

As an OSP, ArtFire.com fully complies with the DMCA and will facilitate, in a neutral conduit role, the claims of any parties. ArtFire.com takes all claims of copyright/trademark infringement seriously. Claims of infringement are to be made by the actual legal holder of the copyright/trademark or by the duly appointed legal agent of said person, party, estate, entity or corporation, and must include the following to be deemed complete and valid:

   1. An electronic or physical signature of the complaining party [512(c)(3)(A)(i)]

   2. Identification of the copyrighted work or works claimed to be infringed. [512(c)(3)(A)(ii)]

   3. Identification of the claimed infringing materials and information that is reasonably sufficient to locate the infringing material [512(c)(3)(A)(iii)].

   4. A statement by the owner that it has a good faith belief that there is no legal basis for the use of the materials complained of [512(c)(3)(A)(v)].

   5. A statement of the accuracy of the notice and, under penalty of perjury, that the complaining party is authorized to act on the behalf of the owner [512(c)(3)(A)(vi)].

Only the actual copyright/trademark owner or legally authorized agent may make a claim. Unaffiliated third party claims are not acceptable challenge to seller(s) items. Please note that falsely or incorrectly requesting takedown under the DMCA may make the requestor liable for damages. By submitting a DMCA takedown request you are certifying that you have researched the appropriate rulings and laws regarding takedown requests and you accept the liability for false or damaging takedown requests.

Requesting a DMCA takedown incorrectly or falsely may make the requestor liable for substantial damages. Some of the rulings regarding improper takedown requests can be found here:


If all documents are received in proper order, the sellers' items will be taken down pending a response from the seller. The takedown will occur in a prompt and reasonable amount of time from receipt of the notice inclusive of processing time, scheduling and coordination of resources for removal, and in some cases after consultation with legal counsel.

ArtFire.com can make no decision as to the validity of takedown requests and does not act as an arbitrator, mediator, or judge in such circumstances. ArFire.com will communicate to the affected sellers after a takedown is executed. Sellers whose items are taken down have 3 business days to respond to the claim with a counter claim. As ArtFire.com will forward this response (counter claim) to the claimant, the response should be directed to the claimant and ArtFire.com should be copied on that response.

If a subscriber provides a proper "counter-notice" claiming that the material does not infringe copyrights, ArtFire.com will notify the claiming party of the individual's objection. [512(g)(2)] If the copyright owner does not bring a lawsuit in district court within 14 days, ArtFire.com will restore the material to its location on the site. [512(g)(2)(C)]

The Seller's response should include:

   1. The subscriber's (Seller's) name, address, phone number and physical or electronic signature [512(g)(3)(A)]

   2. Identification of the material and its location before removal [512(g)(3)(B)]

   3. A statement under penalty of perjury that the material was removed by mistake or misidentification [512(g)(3)(C)]

   4. Subscriber consent to local federal court jurisdiction, or if overseas, to an appropriate judicial body. [512(g)(3)(D)]

If it is determined that the copyright holder misrepresented its claim regarding the infringing material, the copyright holder then becomes liable to the OSP for any damages that resulted from the improper removal of the material. [512(f)]

If no counter claim is made within 3 business days, the takedown will stand. Re-listing items containing the intellectual property that has been previously taken down but not counter claimed; items in violation of a court order; settlement agreement; or successful claim of infringement constitutes a violation of the ArtFire.com TOU and may result in cancellation of the account. Repeated violations of intellectual property or being subject of similar or repeated takedown requests may also constitute grounds for account termination. Harassing, frivolous or other damaging takedown notices that impede the ability of ArtFire to engage in business or substantially impact our resources may also create liability for abusive requestors.

In an effort to ensure clear communication of the concerns of intellectual property rights holders, ArtFire.com may at its sole discretion publish any legal communication, takedown request, cease and desist order, email, letter, fax, or other correspondence as it sees fit to fully communicate the position, stance and tone/tenor of the claimant or counter claimant. In submitting any communication to ArtFire.com or our representatives or agents regarding any legal or intellectual property right claim, the claimant, legal agent, representative or author of such correspondence (and all of their successors, assigns or subsidiaries) grant worldwide perpetual non-exclusive copyright to ArtFire.com of such correspondence and waives any and all claims to privacy, confidentiality, proprietary information or trade secret status of any and all communication regardless of format or channel.

Claims of fair use, homage, artistic use, or other defenses of copyright infringement are the purview of the courts and not sufficient to counter a bona-fide claim of infringement for the application of ArtFire.com policy. Failure to provide a response within 14 business days will be assumed to be an agreement to remove the listings in question and desist from re-listing items containing the specific intellectual property identified in the bona-fide complaint.

ArtFire.com may at its discretion forward the counter-claim and materials to the party making the claim of infringement. Items may or may not be inactivated pending legal resolution solely at the discretion of ArtFire.com

If no counter claim is made, ArtFire.com will require and enforce the removal of the items in question. Re-listing items containing the intellectual property in violation of court order or successful claim of infringement constitutes a violation of the ArtFire.com TOU and may result in cancellation of the account.

In an effort to ensure clear communication of the concerns of intellectual property rights holders ArtFire.com may at its sole discretion publish any legal communication, cease and desist order, email, letter, fax, or other correspondence as it sees fit to fully communicate the position, stance and tone/tenor of the claimant. In submitting any communication to ArtFire.com or our representatives or agents regarding any legal or intellectual property right claim, the claimant, legal agent, representative or author of such correspondence (and all of their successors, assigns or subsidiaries) grant worldwide perpetual non-exclusive copyright to ArtFire.com of such correspondence and waives any and all claims to privacy, confidentiality, proprietary information or trade secret status of any and all communication regardless of format or channel.

Please send all correspondence regarding claims of infringement or counterclaim to:

Attn: Marketplace Integrity Division
283 N Stone
Tucson, AZ 85701

ArtFire.com strongly encourages all parties involved in intellectual property disputes to secure the services of legal professionals. ArtFire.com cannot offer legal advice, interpretation or analysis of the legitimacy of any takedown request, counter claim or other legal communication. There are many web- based resources to learn about the DMCA and intellectual property laws. ArtFire.com encourages all members to learn about and understand the laws regarding these issues.

A summary of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act can be found at: http://www.copyright.gov/legislation/dmca.pdf

The text of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act can be found here: http://www.copyright.gov/legislation/hr2281.pdf

The U.S. federal copyright code can be found here: http://www.copyright.gov/title17/92chap5.html

The full text of the Lanham act can be found here: http://www.bitlaw.com/source/15usc/

More government-provided information on copyrights can be found here: http://www.copyright.gov

Many universities maintain useful public information regarding copyrights, including:

Further Trademark, DMCA and copyright articles, information and resources http://www.tabberone.com/Trademarks/trademarks.html

9. Disclaimer of Warranties

By registering as an ArtFire.com user or accessing the site you hereby agree that:

You use the ArtFire.com site and service with the knowledge that it is at your own risk. The website and service are provided "as is" and there is no warranty or guarantee implied as it pertains to availability, access, or transaction.

ArtFire and its officers, managers, agents, staff, suppliers, subsidiaries, and affiliates are in no way liable for the availability, accessibility, merchantability, marketability, performance, fitness or reliability of the ArtFire site and services.

No advice, communication or other information provided by ArtFire and its officers, managers, staff, suppliers, subsidiaries and affiliates shall create any warranty our guarantees.

10. Severability

If any portion of this agreement shall be held invalid by court of competent jurisdiction the remaining portions of the agreement shall remain in effect. Where modification to reflect intent or provide clarification to the service terms is allowed for any invalidated portion, such remedy shall be made first before any clause is held null and void.

11. Venue

These terms and any dispute arising there from shall be governed by the laws of Arizona.

12. Limitation of liability and Compensation

By accessing this site the end user agrees that the maximum compensation for any dispute or claim shall be limited to the total dollar amount paid by the end user to ArtFire.com for services.

13. Hold Harmless

By executing any transaction or viewing or using any portion of this site you agree to hold harmless ArtFire.com its parent companies, subsidiaries, employees, agents and assigns including all officers, directors or partners from any claim resulting from violation of this agreement, accessing this site or engaging in any transaction or interaction stemming from the access of this site.

14.Cancellation / Return of Funds

Due to the nature of our membership service, all fees and charges are nonrefundable and there are no refunds or credits for partially used periods. From time to time, we may provide a free time period or other service of value in the form of a credit. The amount and form of such credits, and the decision to award them, are at our sole discretion. The creation or award of credits in certain situations does not entitle a user or other users to any credits in the future for similar instances, nor does it obligate ArtFire to award credits in the future.

We may change the fees and charges in effect, or add new fees and charges from time to time at our sole discretion, but we will give you advance notice of these changes by email.

Your Pro membership will continue in effect unless and until you cancel your membership or we terminate it. You must downgrade your membership via the control panel downgrade page found here:

Click Here To Visit The Downgrade Page

You cannot fully cancel (complete removal of buyer account as well) your account until you have downgraded it first. You must downgrade the account 3 business days before it renews each month in order to avoid billing of the next month's membership fees to your payment method. All downgrade requests must be made via the control panel to confirm the user identity and security.

You may downgrade your Pro membership to ArtFire at anytime, and termination of your pro membership (downgraded to buyer only) will be effective upon the completion of the current subscriptions term. We do not provide refunds for partial subscriptions. Though it is not our policy to do so, we reserve the right to cancel your Pro account for any reason.

You will be required to provided a credit card as a payment method for your Pro member subscription, in addition to any relevant information regarding your recurring payment to assist us in processing your request promptly. Please allow at least 3 business days for us to receive and process your request. Account downgrades and cancellation requests are not processed on the weekends or holidays.

Buyer only users may request inactivation of their account at any time. Inactivation eliminates the functionality of an account and removes it from our active system Accounts that are inactive for an extended period may be deleted. Records of deleted accounts and users may be maintained, however, once an account has been inactivated or deleted the user name is no longer reserved and may be used again by the same or another user in the future.

15. Item Decision Tree

16. Glossary for Item Decision Tree

Additional Value - This can be either artistic or monetary value. It refers to the value demonstrated by similar item sales in the general marketplace or the ability to realistically and reasonably determine additional value created by the action of hand altering.

Collectible or Artistic Value - This is a self-certifying agreement that the vintage or antique item will be of interest to either artists or collectors.

Component - The individual pieces or materials that comprise a finished item. Examples include both traditional craft materials such as paint or wire and also finished items. Components are the pieces combined to create the final item.

Designed - The seller must have engaged in the creative process of the genesis of idea and communicating in a recordable way the concept, aesthetics, construction and fabrication of the item.

Fabricated - This refers to the construction of the final item regardless if the seller is the fabricator or the fabrication is contracted, shared, or built by co-op. The action of manufacturing is referenced by fabricated.

Finished Items - Items that are mass produced and sold for final use as is, be they clothing, electronics, bath and body, or edible products. A finished item is not a raw material which is sold to be turned into something else, but is an item sold as finished in its present incarnation.

Form - The appearance, aesthetic, or spatial presence of an item.

Function - The use, purpose, ability, or task performed of an item.

Hand Altered - This means glued, nailed, screwed, sewn, whittled, affixed, stapled, embroidered, mixed, inscribed, painted, drawn, photographed, etc. Any alteration or embellishment to an item by hand or by machine controlled by hand or via traditional art/craft artistic method. Hand altered is also referred to as hand embellished or hand assembled.

Intent - The purpose of the listing as may be determined by a reasonable interpretation of the item, description, listing information, bio, policies and communication of the seller.

Limited Run - In reference to the design section items that are designed by the seller and fabricated by another, these must be produced in a quantity of less than 500 total items for the lifetime of the design.

Loophole - as applied in the context of "Item Decision Chart", the listing of an item with minor modification or alteration with the intent of selling the component (either mass produced or otherwise) - e.g. a TV with a ribbon embellishment , or electronics with a cozy attached.

Media Content - The copy, music, video, animation, graphic, or other content that makes up the creative record of the media endeavor.

Media Item - A book, movie, play, CD, recording, file, graphic, animation or other traditional or new media item both physical and digital/virtual in nature.

Packaged - Described, bundled, sorted, arranged and priced for a certain purpose to communicate intent of use.

Prohibited Item - See our list of prohibited items. Largely electronics, weapons, pornography, recalled or stolen items, items that violate applicable federal, state or local laws and items that are mass produced and are reasonably assumed to be listed via loophole to merely resell the mass produced items.

Seller - This is the person who is registered on the account to include familial or business partnerships where the item description clearly identifies that the item is produced by a member of the partnership thereby extending the account to include that seller with their express permission.

Supply - An item where intent and packaging demonstrates that its purpose is to be used in the construction or manufacture of another handmade/fine art item.

Traditional Arts/Crafts Supply - Items frequently found in arts/crafts supply stores to include both basic and semi-finished items intended for hand alteration or hand making.

17. Prohibited Items

  • Firearms
  • Explosives
  • Dangerous Chemicals
  • Any item that which in whole or in part is subject to a recall.
  • Stolen Items
  • Fireworks
  • Adult material, erotica, or pornography inclusive of any material unsuitable for children under the age of 18.
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Mass produced electronics
  • Protected antiquities
  • Real estate
  • Ivory or animal products from endangered species collected illegally
  • Motor vehicles, or parts for motor vehicles or recreational vehicles
  • Items that violates Terms of Service or Terms of Use
  • Any item or service that violates applicable local, state, federal, or international law in regard to manufacturing, distributing, advertising, or transporting said item.
  • items not in your possession or items you don't intend to deliver
  • Illegal, counterfeit or contraband items of any sort.
  • Items, materials or products that are copyrighted, trademarked or patented by another party.
  • Pirated materials.
  • Replica items, including designer items.
  • Personal data or information.
  • Items or products that carry or transmit hidden code or signals with the intention of causing harm or tracking personal or transactional information of any sort.
  • Misrepresented items or products.
  • Harmful, harassing, intimidating or defamatory materials, products or items.
  • Hazardous materials, products, or items.
  • Prostitution or other similar services.
  • Any product or service that Artfire.com determines to be inappropriate, harmful, fraudulent, or illegal.
  • Mature items intended for adults due to language or imagery that falls outside of the traditional acceptable standards for broadcast television that are not properly identified as "mature" in the listing process.

18. Commercial Marketplace (a.k.a. commercial top-level category)

The Commercial Marketplace allows Commercial Sellers to list and sell items that do not otherwise meet any criteria in the Item Decision Tree for Traditional Marketplaces: Handmade, Fine Art, Design, Vintage, Media, and Supplies.  Listing items in the Commercial Marketplace is restricted to commercial sellers; commercial sellers can only list in the commercial marketplace, traditional sellers can only list in the traditional marketplaces. 

Section 17 "Prohibited Items" from the ArtFire Terms of Use still applies to the Commercial Marketplace (see above).  Along with illegal, dangerous, and counterfeit items the following types of items remain prohibited for sale on ArtFire in the Commercial Marketplace:

  • Firearms
  • Fireworks
  • Alcohol & tobacco
  • Mass-produced electronics
  • Real estate
  • Live animals
  • Over-the-counter drugs
  • Motor vehicles, parts, or services
  • Items not in your possession

Listing prohibited items in any account type, Traditional or Commercial, is a Terms of Use violation. 

Commercial Items in the Traditional Marketplaces

Items in the Traditional ArtFire Marketplaces can be flagged as "Commercial" and will be reviewed by the ArtFire staff.

Traditional sellers who list any commercial products in the Traditional Marketplaces will be transitioned to a Commercial Seller account type and their items will be moved into the Commercial Marketplace. 

Accessories for Mass Produced Electronics and Gadgets

Most accessories for mass produced electronics are considered commercial items and must be listed in the Commercial category. Merchants who wish to sell accessories for electronics in the Handmade or Design category can request approval to have their shop reviewed and recategorized. Requests should be sent to service@artfire.com with the subject line "Handmade electronics accessories approval request". A request should include details about your creation process as well as at least one photo of your workspace.

Price Structure for Commercial Sellers

New commercial sellers are not eligible for any free trial period that may be offered to traditional sellers.  

Commercial sellers with less than $1000 in sales over a 30 day period are considered "low volume sellers"; all new commercial sellers are low volume sellers during their first month.  Low volume sellers pay a monthly fee that matches the current going rate for new traditional sellers.  

Commercial sellers whose total sales exceed $1000 during a 30 day period are considered high volume sellers and may be required to pay additional fees to offset the increased expenses and services they incur.  Sellers may choose to remain in the "low volume" category by having their monthly sales capped at $1000.  

Commercial sellers may not run multiple accounts in an attempt to keep each account in the low volume range; sellers who wish to run multiple accounts may do so, however, they must directly inform the ArtFire Customer Service Team of each account. The aggregate total of sales across accounts owned by the same seller will be summed and handled accordingly.  Sellers who are found to be running multiple accounts without notifying ArtFire may have additional fees imposed.  

19.Artistically Arranged Items

The following items, which are "arranged artistically", do not meet the criteria for handmade, as they are not hand-altered in a permanent fashion. However the following items do qualify to be listed in Design when evaluated against Decision Tree criteria.

Accepted "artistically arranged" items, such as wreaths, cakes, centerpieces, can be listed provided they meet the following criteria:

   A. The item arrangement is artistically created with intent to be used as decoration in the short-term and potentially as a long-term keepsake.

   B. There exists no clear intent to resell finished components (loophole) without artistic or added value.

   C. The item arrangement does not include prohibited items.

Gift Baskets are allowed or prohibited as follows:

   A. Handmade basket with handmade items (made by the seller).

        Accepted item - List in handmade/fine art - this is not a "gift basket" as much as it is an arrangement of the seller's own handmade items in handmade packaging.

   B. Handmade basket with mass produced items (basket made by seller)

       Partially Accepted - Basket can be listed alone in "Handmade Basket" category as it is handmade.
       Mass produced items are prohibited in this scenario as they are deemed a loop hole to pass through mass produced items.

   C. Mass produced Basket with Handmade items in basket (items made by seller)

      Accepted item - This arrangement can be listed in handmade as the basket is considered packaging for the handmade items in this case.

   D. Mass produced basket with mass produced items

      Prohibited item - because of the lack of alteration of arrangement form or function, and the inability to reasonably meet the test for intent to be used as decoration with keepsake potential; this process (while possibly artistic in nature), fails to meet sufficient standards to be included on the site.

    E. Baskets either handmade or mass produced with handmade items not made by the seller (or made by a different artist).

      Prohibited item - our intent is to connect the buyers in the primary two categories (handmade/fine art and design/media) with the creative process, be it hand making, design or authorship of media. As such reselling another's handmade items does not meet the intent of the site.

20.Usernames, Account names, Usage, Squatting and Artfire.com Reserved Rights

All domains, URLs, sub-domains, account names, usernames and other functional or identifying elements of the site are the property of ArtFire.com. ArtFire reserves the right to change, alter, reformat or edit such elements as appropriate for the course of business or needs of the community determine. Accounts that are activated but remain empty with no items or information may be returned to an inactive pool or reassigned to other members. Reselling of usernames or sub-domains, squatting or speculating in such elements or on such pages is strictly prohibited and may result in termination of all related accounts.

21. Commercial Anchor Accounts (Craft Supplies)

Product partners with commercial anchor accounts accessing the ArtFire API operate under the following additional terms of service.

A) Cost of Commercial Anchor Accounts: Commercial Anchor Accounts are created only at the mutual request of ArtFire and the Anchor Account Holder and require a negotiable setup fee which varies based on the size of account and complexity of setup. In addition, commercial accounts will pay a 9% commission on all product sales exclusive of taxes and shipping costs. This commission will be collected by ArtFire at the time of transaction via the credit card processor.

B) Payment Form limitations for Commercial Anchor Accounts: Commercial Anchor Accounts may only accept credit card payments for goods and services on ArtFire and only via the preferred ArtFire Gateway and processor (ProPay).

C) Product Listings - Commercial Anchor Account holders will provide, in an acceptable format, accurate and complete product information for each product listed in the ArtFire Marketplace as required by ArtFire. Commercial Anchor Accounts will maintain reasonably accurate and up to date inventory numbers for all items via an agreed upon software mechanism.

D) Order Processing - ArtFire will provide Commercial Anchor Account holders order information for each sale of their products through the site. Commercial Anchor Account Holders must begin processing orders within 24 hours and must ship products within three days of the original order's transaction date unless otherwise instructed by ArtFire. Orders that cannot be processed in this timeframe for any reason must immediately be reported to ArtFire. Initiation of order shipping within 3 business days of receipt of order is considered reasonable. Commercial Account Holders are expected to outline shipping time frames and process on their policies page on the ArtFire platform.

E) Customer Feedback - Mechanisms may be provided by ArtFire that allow customers to rate their order and/or experience with a particular transaction or seller. Feedback gathered by ArtFire concerning ArtFire transactions may be made publicly available.

F) Shipping and Handling - Commercial Anchor Account holders will process and ship orders in a reasonable manner. This includes adequately packaging orders so that they arrive undamaged, including an order specific packing slip, and shipping an order within the standard order processing timeframe.

G) Refunds/Returns: Any refunds or returns will be handled by the Commercial Account Holder. A full refund of the 9% commission will be paid to the Commercial Account Holder for any refunds or discounts issued in the last 30 days. To facilitate this the Commercial Anchor Account holder must provide a report listing the ArtFire transaction number, customer information, and total dollar amount refunded within 10 days of the close of the month. ArtFire will disburse the refund amount with 5 business days from receipt of that report.

H) Customer Service inquiries and Complaints: All customer inquiries and complaints will be directed to the customer service department of the Commercial Anchor Account holder. ArtFire provides no customer service support for end consumers of the Commercial Anchor Account.

I) Pricing and multiple channels: The Commercial Account holder will not offer for sale duplicate products on any other marketplace e-commerce channel for a lower price than on ArtFire.com, inclusive of any promotional or sale pricing or other promotion offered by the Commercial Account Holder. Both the Commercial Account Holder and ArtFire understand that it is impossible to match all brick and mortar or brand specific channel promotions, this price match requirement applies to API driven prices or sales as offered on similar marketplace e-commerce channels.

J) Fee Avoidance: The Commercial Account Holder will not attempt to transition any transaction off site, to another channel or to any other commerce outlet that is initiated on ArtFire.com to avoid paying commission. The Commercial Account Holder will limit shipping and handling to a reasonable cost and will not use handling charges or other costs to avoid paying commission to ArtFire on the actual sale of the item. Commercial Account hodler maintains the right to add shoppers to marketing lists and contact them directly with future offers and promotions either on or off ArtFire.

K) Taxes: Commercial Account Holder will provide all applicable zip codes in which it does business as a legal entity that qualify for sales or use tax nexus. ArtFire will apply tax rates based on data from Tax Data systems and the stated nexus of the Commercial Account Holder. The ArtFire commission rate is not applied to sales tax charged or collected.

L) Shipping: Shipping rates must be set for individual items based on one of the following systems.

  1. A dollar amount schedule for total retail sale.
  2. Shipping per item per country plus a weight per pound charge.
  3. A hybrid shipping system as outlined in ArtFire API documentation.

M) Inventory/Over Selling: Commercial Account Holders are responsible for managing inventory and ensuring that overselling is minimized. Consistent overselling will be cause for account status review by ArtFire and may result in a termination of the Commercial Anchor Account Status.

N) Additional content, comments and cross item promotion: ArtFire may place end user, reviewer, or purchaser comments and ratings as well as similar or cross-promoted items from the commercial account holder on the item and shopping or search results page for all Commercial Account items and pages to improve the overall shopping experience.

O) Credit Card Fraud/Chargebacks: As Commercial Account Holders have individual processor agreements with ProPay they are responsible for handling charge backs and fraud reports if they arise. ArtFire will provide supporting documentation or other information to assist in processing such cases upon written request from the Commercial Account Holder including the ArtFire transaction number and date. Any commission paid to ArtFire for a sale that is later rescinded due to chargeback or fraud claim will be returned to the commercial account holder upon confirmation of the chargeback or fraud claim.

P) Existing Supply Sellers who wish to transition to Commercial Account Status: At present ArtFire has not released a final mechanic and policy for such a process. Based on interest, ArtFire will review the possibility of offering this selection in the future.

22. Community Guidelines

ArtFire users are welcome to utilize our community to make connections, collaborate, promote their shops, report issues, or have conversations with new found friends and indie business owners. Community space includes all areas where user submitted content is published and available for the public or other users to review or read. These areas include the forums, blogs, messages, comment sections, favorite lists, shop introductions, vacation messages, bios, tutorials and policies.

To ensure that ArtFire continues to be a space that is welcoming, safe and respectful, we ask that you follow these common guidelines:

  • Users must be 18 years of age or older to participate in the community spaces unless under constant supervision of a parent or guardian.
  • Use the ArtFire Messaging system to conduct business or converse with other users privately. Spamming or harassment via the message system is not allowed.
  • Respect everyone's privacy. Don't share personally identifying information about yourself, your buyers, or other users in public areas of the site.
  • Do not use any of the community spaces or tools to interfere with or denigrate another user or the ArtFire marketplace in general.
  • Be respectful and professional. Aggressive, threatening, harassing, vulgar or hateful language posted in community spaces is not tolerated.

As a member of the ArtFire community, you have the opportunity to flag or report an item or a shop that doesn't meet these ArtFire Community Guidelines. Flagging and reporting behavior that you believe to be damaging to another member or the community in general is handled confidentially.