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My name is Gisele Gomez and I am the Artist and Fashion Designer of our little team. I have been creating things with my hands since I was seven. I have among other degrees, Masters in Fashion Design Stylist/Modelist (Men, Women and Children Wear), Merchandising, Marketing and Communication from French Fashion Schools Esmod and Ecole De La Chambre Syndicale De La Couture Parisienne. In 1982 I was awarded the First Prize in Haute-Couture in Paris, France.

I create and design all our products, whether it's the present Bead-Mania collection, or our other fashion collections such as the VersaStyle Designs, the Batik/Ethnic, and the sculpture on fabrics, and the Home Decor items. Also, I am the one who manually make each and every bead outfits we sell off and on line.

Two years ago, I have lost Selina Harris, my Partner to Diabetes. She was my best friend, a wonderful human-being with a heart of gold and I miss her very much. Selina was taking care of our finances and charity activities as we have registered to sponsor children with Charitable Organizations such as "World Vision," "Save The Children" and Christian's Children Funds. Her position is now open and anyone, especially Fashion and Art Lovers, willing to join the Team as our Financier is welcome to contact us. We thank you in advance for your consideration.

Until September 2008, we were selling our creations only from our working studio (no B and M store) from where I register the orders, take the body measurement for our customers and handle the fitting sessions. We participate in Trade Shows, Craft Fairs and Runway Fashion Shows to acquire new customers and for the feel-and-touch. The recent appearance on the Internet of Marketplaces specialized in supporting and promoting Art, Craft and Handmade products has motivated us to establish an online presence for our creations.

We are presently creating online Stores and getting our products on the Internet. As before, we are selling them through our company Fashion Force Foundation. Fashion Force Foundation is a Non-profit organization (501-C3 with EIN # 954593000) established in the USA since August 1996 and with a sister Company in Paris, France.

We have implemented a 'virtual' system to accommodate our Clientele when they order our custom-made and made-to-order outfits. When you place your order and make payment, we send you body measurement guideline and a color chart (along with samples of beads if needed) and detailed explanation to help you take your measurements and decide the final color for your order.

Should you have any question, please feel free to send us a message.

Thank you for your interest in our art work!

The Fashion Force Foundation Team

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