Cedar Bluff, VA, United States

Quick Blurb

Just another Freestyle Multi-Faceted Artist recreating what I see in my mind for others to wear and enjoy!


Statement Necklace, Big Bold Jewelry, OOAK fashion, ReCreated Clothing, upcycle, recycle, revamped, reconstructed

Skills and Techniques

hand sewing, hand stitching, piecing old things together, dreamer, visionary

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Get to Know

Cleaning out our vintage items we have grown up with and hung on to for years and making new things out of old things I have acquired. Love to take old clothes that need a little help and make them alive and new as well as pieces of old broken jewelry to make fantastic new neck art.

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custom - their jeans turned into a skirt

dontyalook's Photo Gallery

lolita dress with polka dotted bloomer style

dontyalook's Photo Gallery

custom necklace for black tie affair wearing

dontyalook's Photo Gallery

custom - her jeans recreated zombie style to her fashion style

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