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Jen's Work can be seen in the book "Pretty Little Pincushions" from Lark books.


Pincushions, scifi, dogs, history, TV, Apple, Macs, beadwork, crafting, gaming

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Pincushions, bead embroidery graphic design, medieval beadwork, Medieval Costume,

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Self portrait (by verybigjen)Professional: Jen Segrest is a graphic and web designer in the Dayton, Ohio area. She's an unrepentant a Mac user. Jen has garnered much attention from her web design but also for print. In 1998 won the esteemed Gold Industrial Design Excellence Award from the IDSA (It's the Oscars of ID design) for a user manual for Crown Lift. She's done web work for Formica, Mercedes, Provident bank and many others. She us currently the designer for Pixels: As well as web design, Jen is a mid century modern pattern designer with her site Her work that appears on various home decor and iPod products as well self-titled scrapbook paper line. (And she guesses 1,002,756 MySpace pages.) Passions: In 2004 her freakish devotion to Swedish furnishings powerhouse IKEA, and frustration at Ohio's lack of one, led her to start (based on a rumor they were looking at locations in the state) Flatpackohio (formerly ohikea); a blog for rumor tracking the eventual store's arrival. In August 2006, as cited by her predictions, the announcement was made for a store near her house north of Cincinnati (Totally called it!). She and her blog have been featured in Cincinnati Magazine, Business Week Magazine and nearly every major paper in Ohio, and places beyond. Now that the rumors are over, the store built two years ago, or more - she loves to visit what she calls "her ikea", and has moved the Site (now called Flatpack Ohio) to Facebook. Over the last decade Jen has become an internationally recognized researcher of German ecclesiastical medieval beadwork of the 10th to 16th centuries. As well as running a website,, she has authored an article for Beadwork Magazine on the subject. Her interest in obscure beadwork came from her membership in the largest historical reenactment group in the world, the Society for Creative Anachronism. This qualifies her as a major geek worthy of getting a wedgie from a Klingon. Photos: Unrelated to her various interests in various time periods or design, she is a photobug and constantly brags about her pictures at Pincushions: In an attempt to make some little gifts for her SCA pals, she has taken up making pincushions. Her popular galleries and tutorials on flickr have led to her designs being featured in book from Lark Publishing called "Pretty Little Pincushions" that was released in November 2007. Podcasting: Jen does a scifi podcast with her two friends Dave Caolo and Gedeon Maheux. It started as a bet over the last season of Battlestar Galacticaand has grown to a more weekly discussion on all things scifi that you can find on itunes. Personal: Jen has a darling IT geek hubby, three dogs and two cats and collects snowdomes, which of course have their own site at Basically, Jen spends every waking moment online doing one thing or another - and housework as little as possible. (Probably because she spends too much time on Flickr or any of the other junk above.)

(I no longer work for ArtFire, so feel free to put me in collections for the front page!)

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My workstation in my studio... where the magic happens.

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Inside My felt cabinet.

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Studio shot - my shelves

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My workspace, I sew, glue and hammer stuff here.

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