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Coming back from maternity leave with new Christmas ornaments

So for the last couple of years, I've been a little busy and haven't really been able to focus on pottery.  I've missed pottery, but the trade-off was worth it!I'm a mom to 15 month old twin girls!  So that's where I've been.But back to pottery.  I'm finally back in the studio and recently uploaded a bunch of new agateware mugs.What I'm really excited about are some Christmas ornaments I'm working on and hope to have available for sale by October.  This is a new product line for me so there's a bit of a learning curve.  I haven't decided yet if I want bright colors or if I want to try a new line of antique gold glaze on these.  I'm open to ... » Read More

Check out this video of me making an agateware mug on the pottery wheel! Safe for work - there's no sound!

Why an artisan pottery mug rather than a Walmart mug? Because then when I open the cupboard in the morning I am greeted by a feast for the eyes. I can pick the texture and color that soothes me or energizes me depending on what I need for the day. As I sip my coffee at my desk, my hand is sensitive to the unique texture of this particular mug. It's a gentle nudge to be mindful of the beauty and uniqueness around me. Having special touches in the ordinary parts of the day---the drinking of coffee, the serving of food, the display of flowers or even pens---makes life better.

The workmanship on this mug..... is incredible! I'm very happy with it.

Anything handmade has a certain energy in it that was given to it by the artisan. The care that was taken to create the piece, the thought process in designing it, even the thoughts you were thinking at the time your hands were making it are all in that piece. Whether it be a bowl, mug, a casserole dish......... Those are the things that I am attracted to in anything handmade. It's just such a personal experience for me. And yes, that mystery and magic in what you do.

These mugs are exquisite! Even prettier in real life!

If you buy a piece usable art it is interacted with, for something like the mug you drink you daily coffee from, or the bowl you have you ice cream indulgence from each night, it is enhancing that moment with an item of beauty, that small luxury of the first smell of coffee is accented with the texture of the hand thrown mug in your hands. Great communication, great packaging, just great! Thank you so much!

The mugs are exactly what I hoped for!

I LOVE this mug!