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Welcome to DesignbyAnce

Hi there and welcome to my shop! Everything I create is made from the finest highest quality materials and made to last, I hope you will have a great shopping experience here and enjoy wearing my creations for years to come -Ance :-) Everything you see here is 100% designed and handmade by me personally. There is a lot of careful thought and planning involved in each and every piece, and each one can take many hours to complete this is why I don't have a huge amount of jewelry listed, therefore what you are buying is unique and expertly crafted to last you for years and years to come. You will notice a lot of my work is Southwestern and Native American as well as boho. Turquoise is my favorite stone, so almost everything will have a little Turquoise in it. Pearls are another favorite of mine, so I make sure to incorporate them into my designs. Here in Vermont we have mountains as far as the eye can see, nature thrives here and that is my biggest inspiration for my work. More »