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Welcome to FlutterbyeNotes

NEW! Modern Alphabet Posters and Wedding Keepsake Posters- take a look! I'm excited to debut my newest line of custom children's posters. The colorful, modern images are made up entirely of letters. The illustrations can also help children with letter recognition. Each poster features both upper and lowercase letters, as well as serif (letters with feet) and sans-serif (letters without feet) fonts. The ThumbKins cards reflect the personal touch that makes receiving a note so special - by including your thumbprints! Using your thumbprints, I create a custom illustration based on the options you select, to resemble you and your family. My teacher note cards are the perfect gift for a child's teacher to let her know she is appreciated. Teachers write a lot of notes! I've loved stationery and paper and feel that sending a handwritten note is one step shy of a hug or handshake. I put a lot of thought into making designs that are truly personalized and unique; because that's somet More »