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Welcome to ItsHandcrafted

Welcome! Come in and take a look around. You will find a variety of items I have meticulously handcrafted myself. Although the items here may vary from Toys, to Jewelry, to Clothing, each one will make a wonderful gift for yourself, friends or family. **The prices may seem to fluctuate from item to item and may not seem to make sense. This is because of the wide price range of the materials used. For example, the price of yarns really varies per brand and type. The price will depend on the yarn used. The same item with a different yarn can have a very different price. I LOVE CUSTOM ORDERS: If you see something you like but not the in the color, size or pattern you like just let me know what you are looking for. Shipping Note: Orders will be shipped the day after payment is received unless noted otherwise in the listing. My home is smoke free. My home is pet friendly (1 cat). More »