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Pre order was March 5, 2015 at noon.. If you ordered after your item will be ordered in April tentative date April 15. Unless I receive a lot of orders and or sell out of stock. I have several extruders/disks on & #8 blue on the way that should arrive around March 11th to me. I will ship in order of purchase to you. Takes a few days to ship. There will be a contest soon using the new lcdisk #8. So do not miss that chance.. New tools, Lc acrylic roller, lc Baker both styles are in stock. On the 11th a chrome slicer and all other items made by lctools will be in stock. Email any questions to I get those right away.. Artfire does NOT notify me of emails on Artfire. Thank you the Idalski Family, Kim, Joe, Ashley and Aaron More »