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Pre order date is March 5, 2015. If you want a slicer or #8 lcdisk Blue order by the 5th or I cannot guarantee disk #8 or a slicer will be available to you. I am only allotted so many if disk #8. There will be a contest soon using the new lcdisk #8. So do not miss that chance.. New tools, Lc acrylic roller, lc Baker both styles and disk 1-7 in stock. All czextruders in stock. #8 blue is on pre order and should arrive in your home late in the second week of March or early in the third. Depending on customs. But they will be shipped to me Friday. Email any questions to I get those right away.. Artfire does NOT notify me of emails on Artfire. Thank you the Idalski Family, Kim, Joe, Ashley and Aaron More »