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For sale: Really Raw and Pure Honey, Beeswax, Bee pollen, Propolis, Wheat Red Berries, Wheat White Seeds, Wheat Grains. Most of our first time buyers, never tested before granulated natural and pure raw honey. After test feedback: + This honey is AMAZING! So pure and delicious. I absolutely love it. Thanks so much! + I just received my honey!!! I never liked that honey in the little bear everyone sells. I opened the container and took a spoonful and wow, it tasted like nothing I have ever tasted!!! I never knew honey ( raw) tasted so good, I will be using this instead of sugar!!!! I bought this because I heard it is good for your immune system and whatever ails you. Thank You for this wonderful product!!!!!! + This honey is amazing! Quick shipping. Very happy, Thanks! + Received and tastes wonderful*Very fast to send*5****honey and seller!!! + The best honey I've tried! Thank you! + The best raw honey I have found so far. hope you don't sell out until I can buy more!!! More »