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Welcome to TheBicycleHobo

Welcome To....The Bicycle Hobo:Where Functionality and Frugal Fashion Come Together At Last!You have arrived at a unique line of bike & home accessories not found anywhere else on the World Wide Web. You will experience for yourselves, though my PDF patterns and limited handmade accessories, how the humble, ever hardworking when available, hobo was able to lightly transport all the comforts of home while looking for work during of the most grim periods of recent human history-The Great Depression Of The 1930s. These rather loosely reproduced, then updated to the 21st century, products are based on the reflections of an actual real hobo-"Hobo Mike"(1918-2005)-who journeyed on freight trains through the United States from 1934-1940. His stories and guidance are the stuff from which I drew original inspiration and formed the foundation of my business. Without him, I would not be able to set myself apart from everyone else in the world. Because-Hobo Mike-was my father. More »