Peyote and Loom-Beaded Hat Bands

Shop Announcement

MESSAGE BOARD: Mon. Dec 15,2014. I am sorry for any disappointment, but I am now BOOKED THROUGH January 10th, as I am currently booked to capacity. Each hatband takes 10-14 days to bead. If wanting to order, just know I can't ship any already completed or start to bead one until after the first week in January 2015. Once started I need 10-14 days to complete it and ship to you. Thanks for your patience. Unfortunately, handmade takes time. Please contact me if you would like one beaded for you that states in the description that IT HAS PREVIOUSLY SOLD, and I can give you a time frame as to when I can bead it and ship to you. Thanks for visiting my studio and consider treating yourself to that Hat Band you have been wanting. I would appreciate your beaded hatband purchase or order. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015! Andrea More »