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Welcome to blackandpinkart

69F360B0C0 Black & Pink Art is a volunteer-run project by folks in Boston, MA who actively support queer and trans prisoners. The prisoners make original greeting cards, drawings, paintings and leatherwork you'll find on the site, and mail it to us. Once we sell the artwork, we send the prisoner artist a donation in the amount of the sale minus the cost of preparing the art (mats). Most of the artists have no other means of financial support, often having been cut off from family; a little means a lot! Black & Pink Art is a project of which is a prison abolitionist volunteer organization. Our pen-pal list connects queer and trans folks on the ‚EURoeoutside‚EURĚ to queer and trans folks on the ‚EURoeinside‚EURĚ (in prison) seeking pen-pals. Most of the prisoner artists are listed on the prisoner pen-pal list. We also distribute a monthly newsletter to queer and trans prisoners, comprised mainly of submitted poems and essays! More »