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Welcome to FishPrincessDesigns

I design and make hand crafted sea glass jewelry featuring sea glass and pearl bracelets. Artisan pearl and gemstone handmade jewelry inspired by nature and hand made in Michigan by FishPrincessDesigns. Classic, elegant, affordable bridal jewelry featuring Swarovski Crystallized Elements. Supporting local artisans and crafters helps your local economies! Your jewelry should adorn you and bring out your inner beauty! I want you to feel special wearing my hand crafted jewelry creations. I enjoy finding beach or sea glass and creating something unique out of it. It must be my inner mermaid singing its siren song-what's your song calling out to you? My designs are inspired by the beauty of nature-whether I'm inspired by a riffle in a stream, a walk in the woods, or the gentle lull of the waves along the shore. I hope you enjoy your shopping experience in my studio. If you have any questions or comments please contact me by using the CONTACT ARTISAN link on the bottom of the page. More »