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Welcome to gigglebot

gigglebot, jessica fancy, jessaruh, zines, crafts, diy, buttons, 1 inch buttons, 1 1/4 buttons, pinback buttons, button magnets, pocket mirrors, bridal gifts, geekery, funny, wit, humor, snark, snarky, party favors, unique gifts, personalized gifts, headbands, accessories, etsy, handmade revolution Hi! I'm Jessica Fancy. I've been addicted to buttons ever since my Dad gave me his vintage "You Are Loved" buttons from Spencers. I've made them for bands, weddings, friends, family and sometimes ghosts. (Okay, maybe not for ghosts, but I totally would if they asked!) That's mostly what I make, but certainly not all. I'm a digital artist. A lot of my buttons are first lovingly hand drawn, and then created into digital art. I'd love to design something for you! Or use your own design. My Tecre machines are rad little things, and they help me make you fanastical buttons, pocket mirrors, magnets, earrings and so much more! More »