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Welcome to hornsofherne

Welcome to the Antler Apothecary. We are a small business, specializing in hand-crafted, home-made, small-batch and custom items, including body care, soap, fragrance, remedies, teas, carvings, and incense. We are inspired by Nature and spirituality and seek to provide you with unique items that you'll find nowhere else, whether it be custom-made rune sets, incense-scented perfumes or our ever-popular all-natural facial toner. We strive to provide our customers with quality, home-made products. Every item offered on this site is guaranteed to be handcrafted with the utmost care, love and respect. Check back often, we add new items all the time. Feel free to contact us about developing custom items, we'd love to do it! Follow the development of our products at our new blog, Adventures at the Apothecary, http://apothecaryadventures.wordpress.com. More »