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Welcome to moxiegemdesigns

Hello and welcome to Moxie Gem Designs! We are in the start-up phases of our business. Moxie Gem Designs will be bringing you many choices starting with a full-line of 'Moxie' earrings designed with Sterling Silver and Gold Filled Wire and semi-precious stones and beads. Moxie is an can be whatever you want it to be. Casual, formal, dainty and elegant, or big and are going to find a variety here. My name is Dee. I have always been an 'earring' person. I do not leave the house without earrings on. Earrings are my jewelry of choice when in a rush. Plus, I do not feel dressed unless I have my earrings on...that said, we, Carl and Dee, are the backbone of Moxie Gem Designs. We both have different skillsets to apply to our business and both of us will be designing and making everything you will find on our site. Earring designs are first, necklaces, bracelets and pendants will be coming soon. Enjoy! More »