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Welcome to pegasusmaiden

We aim to help other artisans with their craft by providing affordable feather goods and other hard to find items. Please review our Shipping Policies and other shop policies before purchase. ----- Shipping Information at a Glance ----- 1) Shipping Dates: Monday - Friday, Saturday. *We do not ship items on Sunday & Holidays. 2) Shipping Location: Sacramento, California (USA) 3) How to contact us: Artfire conversations. We try to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours on weekdays and 48 hours over weekends. We will only respond to inquiries through Artfire conversations. 4) Our Peacock Feathers and Ostrich Feathers are obtained from a cruelty free farm. Our Duck, Rooster and Goose feathers are obtained from farms that raise these animals for food and sell the feathers so life is not wasted. All feathers in our shop are commercially washed before they are shipped. More »