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TO ALL MY "ORGANIZING" FRIENDS: I will be running a special on my greeting cards just for those who organize as their business. These cards are all custom lettered for you. They will be selling in lots of 20 for $25. I hope you convention in San Diego was a good one. I will be posting cards so you may see my work on-line. Also notice the "ALL OCCASION" CARDS -- these have no words outside or inside. Also as a part of your 20 you may choose "thank you cards" also. Look forward to working with my "THOSE WHO ORGANIZE"!!!! April 14th, 2011Donna MichelTwitterbird CreationsAll of Twitterbird's designs are bold and beautiful with lots of natural color. The gemstones are true Grade A+ and is reflected in the quality of workmanship and in the beauty of the stones. All of Twitterbird's jewelry is designed and hand-crafted by Donna Michel, Artisan. Enjoy your awesome trip through Twitterbird's designs. Color is the root of good design.... David Bro More »