Heirloom Piel De Sapo Toad Skin Melon Cantaloupe Vegetable Fruit Seeds

Product Description
Also known as Santa Claus or Christmas Melon. Piel De Sapo translates to "toad skin". Piel De Sapo is a heirloom early maturing winter melon from Spain that has a medium green colored rind with dark green bumps that look like a toad's skin. The melon in the picture is considered ripe, The medium green color has turned a yellow green. The rind will turn more yellow the longer the melon is stored. The 2 to 3 1/2 lb. fruit of Piel De Sapo Melons are oval, 8" to 12" long and have sweet white flesh with pale peach marbling and smooth texture. 110 days until harvest. Packet contains approximately 30 seeds grown naturally with love and care.
Inspiration/Story Behind This Product
Our seeds are grown using natural organic growing practices.
Materials Used
Handmade Paper Envelope, Naturally Grown Heirloom Seeds
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Color: Green

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