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Goncalo Alves Nostepinne with Silver

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This pretty noste is 10" in length, and 6/8" in width. It weighs 2.7 ounces. The goncalo is a warm cinnamon color, with subtle chatoyance. The handle is tipped with a beautiful piece of Bali silver.

All of my pieces are made with power, lovingly harvested from the sun on our Rocky Mountain homestead.

My lampwork is made from Borosilicate glass which is heated to over 2000 degrees to allow the glass to become soft enough for shaping and color mixing. The shapes I make with glass are freehand 'off-mandrel', and I make certain that they are properly annealed.

Every single artisan heirloom made by Bristlecone, is absolutely one of a kind. When you by one of our tools, you are purchasing a unique piece of functioning art that you and *only* you will have. Literally, no two pieces are alike. Each piece of wood is turned by hand - no computerized machinery. Every bit of carving is by hand. All pyrography is by hand - no woodburning stamps or brands. All lampwork glass is made by my own hands - nothing looks alike. Each piece is truly individual and a treasure.

Thank you for looking. ~ Bristlecone

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