Hand Painted Pendant Red Tree Frog in Garden Red Feldspar Copper Chain

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This hand painted pendant features an adorable little red frog clinging to the side of a red clay flower pot. The frog has a gray body highlighted by red markings and black spots. I painted it on a bone pendant using acrylic paint and tiny, tiny paint brushes. The back of the pendant has a delightful surprise in the form of a really tiny frog and I have signed and dated it as well.

The painting came about when I was out watering the plants on my deck last summer and was startled by a red frog that leaped out of one of the containers and into another. I was even more surprised when I realized the frog was red, not something we see around here very often. Intrigued, I snapped a few photos and did a little research about red frogs.

It turns out that frogs have the ability to change colors in order to blend in with their environment. They have three types of pigmentation that they put to use when needed. This produces a wide variety of colors and helps them to avoid predators, which strikes me as brilliant. This little guy was living among red clay pots and begonias with red leaves, which must have been what inspired him to turn into a red frog.

He was just so darn cute I had to paint him and this is the end result. The pendant is suspended from oxidized copper chain and paired with components of red feldspar veined with black and tan and small black glass beads, which are a perfect match to the pendant. Full of whimsy and fun, this would be a wonderful gift for a gardener or the person who loves to be outside and explore nature.

Several coats of sealant have been applied to the hand painted pendant in order to protect the paint and provide a glossy finish. It is so shiny and glossy I had a hard time taking photos that didn't have a reflection. This is a unique and one of a kind piece as I never repeat my paintings.

The last picture in this listing is the photograph I took of the red frog that was the inspiration for this creation.

The necklace is 19 inches / 48 cm in length and the pendant is 1.25 / 3 cm across. An oxidized copper lobster claw completes the necklace.

ribbet, ribbet

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

A real red frog lived among my red clay pots and red begonias one summer and showed himself every time I watered. I snapped a few pictures because I wanted to paint him and the last photo shown in this listing is the one I used for a reference photo. Isn't he cute?

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Color: Red

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