Cubic Zirconia Synthetic Diamond Stud Drop Earrings, Pear Shape

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Cubic Zirconia Drop Earrings in fine sterling silver sparkles a solitaire synthetic diamond center forming a pear shape cubic zirconia jewelry synthetic diamond stud drop earrings; CZ jewelry unsurpassed fire and brilliance displays lively play of color's as flashes of blue, pink, aqua, purple and red hues can be seen in these quality cubic zirconia ear studs. Cubic Zirconia a substitute for April birthstone diamond jewelry would make beautiful bridal jewelry, wedding anniversary or holiday gift.

Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Stud Drop Earrings pear shape design portray a 5mm synthetic diamond solitaire center, accentuated by 30 additional 2 carat AAAA quality 1mm cubic zirconia synthetic diamonds for pure luxury. Cubic Zirconia gemstone's 4 prong secured in highly polished .925 sterling silver semi-mount shiny drop studs. Earrings have a 5/8" drop with a butterfly closure for pierced ears.

Cubic zirconia jewelry earrings stud drop synthetic diamond CZ quality dispersion of color surpass a genuine quality diamonds sparkle, color and lustrous play of color in this pair of cubic zirconia jewelry drop earrings. Cubic zirconia is based by their carat equivalent to diamonds and are approximately 50 to 75 percent heavier than a similar sized diamond. Zirconia comes in three grades; A, AAA and AAAAA; middle grade is what you will find in most of your cubic zirconia jewelry.

A manmade or lab created gem material, such as Cubic Zirconia must fulfill two criteria for the designation "synthetic." First, it must have a natural analog; second, it must have the same chemical optical, and physical properties as its natural counterpart. Contemporary production of cubic zirconia is virtually flawless, whereas most diamonds have some sort of inclusion or defect to them.

Diamonds are measured by carat weight, whereas a cubic zirconia is actually much heavier than genuine diamonds so they are not sold by their actual weight which is about 50 to 75 percent heavier than a similarly sized diamond, but instead, by their "carat equivalent" to diamonds. The grade of cubic zirconia also affects their price since cubic zirconia is available and comes in three different grades: A (low), AAA(middle) and AAAAA (highest). The middle grade is what you will find in most jewelry pieces.

Cubic zirconia has remained the most gemological and economically important competitor for diamonds since commercial production began in 1976.

Caring for cubic zirconia jewelry: Soak in warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly, and wipe with a soft cloth. You may use a soft toothbrush if necessary, but take care not to scratch your gem.

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Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

Receive the same brilliance and color of a diamond but at a much lower cost.

Materials Used

Cubic Zirconia, Synthetic Diamonds, Solitaire Drop Earrings, Pear Shape, .925 Sterling Silver, Anti-tarnish Rhodium

More Info

Can't afford real diamond jewelry why not try synthetic cubic zirconia diamonds; you won't be disappointed with their bright, bold and brilliant sparkle.

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Your earrings will arrive in a luxury gift box ready for presentation.

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Product Attributes

Primary Material: Cubic Zirconia, Synthetic Diamonds, Solitaire Drop Earrings, Pear Shape Design, .925 Sterling Silver

Pattern: Cubic Zirconia Stud Drop Earrings, Synthetic Diamond CZ Jewelry

Color: White

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