Native American OOAK Handforged Copper Cuff Bracelet

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Product Description
This cute bracelet is handforged out of 18 ga. Copper wire, with 12mm handmade black bead and 10 mm handmade orange glass beads, 8mm and 6mm silver beads, added onto the copper cuff.
Bracelet is Cuff style.... Fits 7-1/2" .... 9"
I personally hand forged this OOAK bracelet from 16ga. copper wire.
Each piece I make is made with labors of love and each one is unique in it's on way.
Inspiration/Story Behind This Product
the sunset on a stormy nite we had here. tornado's were in the air, and that night, the sunset was BEAUTIFUL.
so I went inside and got the supplies, and made this bracelet..
Materials Used
handmade glass beads, copper wire, silver beads
More Info
The copper wire used in this pin is in it's natural form and has not been treated with waxes or sprays.
Copper naturally oxidizes over time and develops a patina. Some people love that look and some prefer to keep it shiny.
To keep them shiny, soak in vinegar. It does not take long, you can just about see it change as you watch. When they are shiny again, rinse and dry.
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Color: Orange

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