Special Order Critter Chaser Handmade Wooden Folk Kazoo Carolina Style

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This is a Special Made To Order Aswego Handmade Wooden Carolina Style Critter Chaser Kazoo! It is a beautiful 5" handmade wooden kazoo with a brass eyelet for easy attachment to a neck lanyard. It has a red cedar body and hardwood resonator cap. Not only is this a great critter control device it is a beautiful musical instrument of the highest quality with a remarkable sound, great for performing as well as chasing away critters. Stock photographs are used in this listing.

When most people hear the word kazoo they think of the plastic or metal mass manufactured kids instrument. Few think of the kazoo as a tool or as a utility device. My childhood was spent way out in the country. It was common to get a fox, racoon or possum in the hen house stealing eggs or walk up on a bobcat or black bear out in the woods. My dad taught me to always have my old homemade kazoo in my pocket for just such situations. You would be surprised how fast a kazoo can run off a critter in the hen house or on a path in the woods.

Here on the homestead in central Florida we have everything from black bear to deer, from turkey to bobcats are frequently seen here on the homestead and back in the woods where I often walk looking for kazoo wood and taking pictures of wildlife. I still carry my kazoo for critter control, just in case.

This is a Special Made To Order Kazoo that will be custom made for shipment with a traditional old fashioned beeswax finish and may take 7-10 days for shipping. I always ship on time, never ship late and most of the time ship early.

Being handmade each kazoo takes on it's own unique character and appearance. My kazoos are made with a removable resonator cap and brass screws for easy replacement of the resonator membrane.

Each of my kazoos come standard with a traditional beeswax finish. The option of a Butcher Block sealer finish is also available at a small additional cost. The Butcher Block sealer takes longer to apply than the traditional beeswax finish and may require 10-14 days for shipping. I apply three applications of Butcher Block to each kazoo and requires 24 hours between applications and 24 hours after last application before shipping. You can read about both the Butcher Block and traditional beeswax finish on my blog at:


You can purchase the Butcher Block Finish for this kazoo at:



Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

With towns and cities growing and spreading out here in Florida and around the country we now see all kinds of critters including black bear, bobcats and alligators coming in backyards and on public hiking trails. Experts advise woods hikers, backpackers, and trail walkers to carry a whistle to scare off potentially dangerous critters just as I always have my kazoo. So I got to thinking the other day about the design for a new Aswego Kazoo for campers, hikers, backpackers and such that could be worn on a lanyard around the neck. Now I'm not so sure how a whistle or kazoo would work on an alligator and sure wouldn't want to test it but for most critters is is a great thing to have handy.

Materials Used

Red Cedar, Teak and Brass Screws

More Info

I specialize in custom handmade wooden folk kazoos for performing musicians around the world. Special Order Kazoos are the foundation of my kazoo sales. I attempt to keep a nice selection of premade kazoos ready for immediate shipment however Special Custom Kazoos are my most popular instruments.

Stock photographs are used in my Special Order Kazoo Listings and are also used as my reference for making these kazoos. Being handmade each kazoo is unique. No two kazoos are ever exactly identical. I do not make "cookie cutter" kazoos. Each Aswego Kazoo is a one of a kind primitive style folk instrument. This is what makes each an original Aswego Kazoo.

I am an independent folk artist. Kazoo making is my passion, not my job. I sell my kazoos in order to be able to continue making kazoos and not for great profit. My goal is to have my kazoos in every country on planet Earth where they are enjoyed and appreciated by people of all nations. I attempt to keep a nice selection of premade kazoos ready for immediate shipment however Special Custom Kazoos are the most popular instruments.

In the case of multiple special order kazoos please email me for accurate handling time required to make your kazoo and have it ready for shipping. Single order kazoos are shipped no later than one week after placing your order. I always ship on time, never ship late and most of the time ship early.

Email: dockazoo@aswegohomestead.com

Each Aswego Kazoo is accompanied by a package of spare resonator membranes and a Lifetime Free Repair and Maintenance Warranty. Full information is available at:


Please be sure to read my Artfire Studio Policy for complete information about the Great Aswego Kazoo Factory and shipping guidelines. Just click the "Policies" tab at the top of this page. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT ALL INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS READ THE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING/REFUND GUIDELINES.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Wood

Size: 5 inch

Pattern: Natural

Color: Red

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