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A Thousand Flowers Cold Process Soap

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Extraordinary. A tumble of essential oils and floral waxes. You will not believe how delicious this soap smells. Roses, lavender, chamomile, narcissus and more. Amazing amounts of flowers, floral waxes and essential oils combined into one huge bar. We wouldnt spoil natures gifts with lab created colorants or dyes, we used plants for the incredible bright orange color. This soap will liven up winter with the smell and feel of summers bloom. Organic and ethically harvested palm oil and organic cocoa butter along with olive oil and coconut oil unite in wonderful ways to form an incredibly hard soap. Please do not neglect it by leaving it in a puddle of water. Use a soap dish that drains.

Each of our bars is hand made in the cold process soap making technique. We use modern knowledge and age old skills to create the finest soap available. The time honored manner in which our cold process soap is created means that no two bars are exactly alike. Each bar weighs a minimum of 7 ounces, twice the size of an average bar. Our bars wait a minimum of 30 days before their coming out party here. Because of the amount of infused herbs used to create the fabulous orange color, a small amount may transfer to white washcloths or towels but will wash out.

Many of out customers have told us that the bars are so huge they cut them in half. We think its a great idea. Save one and use one. One for the kitchen and one for the bathroom. Give one as a gift and cherish one. Just make sure to keep them dry between uses, store in a cool place (not in the bathroom! All that humidity is a no-no) and come back for more.

If you would like to order more then one bar of A Thousand Flowers just send me a convo or email. Thanks so much for shopping at MayaMade!

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

I have been making cold processed soap for over ten years. I love doing it, the magic behind the transformation of water, lye and oils into an incredibly fine bar of soap amazes me.

Materials Used

water, lye, cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil, essential oils, flower waxes, flowers, time and experinece

More Info

I use organic and ethically harvested palm oil in many of my soap. We use only imported high quality olive oils and coconut oils, the finest grade of essential oils available combine for a superior hand crafted soap. Love your soap please allow your soap to dry between uses.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Water, oil, essential oil, floral waxes, flowers, lye

Size: 7 ounces

Color: Orange


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United States
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