VINTAGE GOLDEN SUNSTONE loose gem fancy trillion 3.28 cts FG75

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This is a unique and spectacular gemstone, a fancy trillion weighing 3.28 carats and 11mm in diameter. It is cut from one of the most unique and lovely of all gem materials, and is formally trade-marked with the name Golden Sunstone.

Sunstone is labradorite, a member of the plagioclase group of feldspar minerals. These minerals are abundant worldwide and are constituents of many types of rocks, but are seldom transparent. Facetable labradorite is actually quite rare and only occurs in a few localities. The labradorite found in Oregon occurs in a range of colors including light and dark yellow, red, green and pink. Oregon sunstone is the official state gem and has become a jewelry marketplace staple in the last 10-20 years.

Golden Sunstone (TM) is unique in terms of transparency and its ability to take an exceptionally high polish. This results in brilliancy equivalent to such hard gemstones as chrysoberyl and sapphire. You will be amazed at the reflectivity and sparkle of this material. Joel is the world's only seller of Golden Sunstone, which is notable for both its rich and intense light golden yellow color, and also for the unusually fine cutting that Joel has demanded for the material. Golden Sunstone is flawless to the unaided eye and this extreme transparency also makes these cut gems so bright that jewelers have actually mistaken cut Golden Sunstone for fancy yellow diamonds!!

The price is for the one faceted Golden Sunstone fancy trillion, which we guarantee to have been cut from rough mined in the late 1970s.
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