Mandrill Animal Portrait

Product Description
This portrait of an imposing Mandrill was created in 2009. It is a digital print on transparency, held between a sheet of mica and an aluminum plate. Each print is finished with a matte that is either hand detailed with gold or silver paint or brass leafed and then framed in a hand made frame. Frame and matte styles vary, I will choose from my available stock unless you specify a preference. The print run for this portrait is limited to 20. The photo in the listing is of number 1 of 20 which has since sold.

5.5″ 6″ (Frame)
3.5″ 4″ (Image)
Inspiration/Story Behind This Product
This item is part of a series of portraits that began as a flash of inspiration in late 2009 when I found a set of old daguerreotypes. The scratches and watermarks in the images added texture and in some cases obscured the people in them almost entirely, begging me to imagine strange creatures hiding behind the dust. One portrait in particular was missing his head while his suit of clothing remained almost untouched. I realized that I could imagine him into whatever creature I liked, a cat maybe or a kangaroo. That moment of inspiration grew and very quickly I had a whole collection of characters.
Materials Used
Digital Print on Transparency, Aluminum Plate, Mica
Ships To United States
First Item: $10.00
Additional Items: $2.00

First Item: $15.00
Additional Items: $10.00

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