Christmas Gingerbread House Soap Polymer Clay Resin Mold

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Gingerbread House Mold

Please note the size/measurements of the embellishment (see below) prior to purchase to make sure you are not surprised at the size when it arrives.

SIZE ♥ Embellishment is LARGE 2" x 1-1/2"

♥♥ Embellishments are plastic, clay or resin. I just made a mold from it. I did not create this embellishment.

♥♥ Resin, Polymer Clay, Paper, Soap, Ice, Candy, Wax is typical material used with these molds. Your creativity is what will make your piece unique.

♥♥ "Zoom" in on your intended mold to see if the mold is smooth inside or has the decorative indentations that you desire.

Some of the decoration on the embellishment has been painted on. You can achieve the same look by using paint on your finished piece.

Listing is for the mold only. Embellishment not included.


:¦: Scented Wax Embeds for Candles
♥ Scented Soap Embeds for Clear Glycerin Soap
:¦: Resin Jewelry Finding Embellishments
♥ Fondant/Icing Cake Decorations
:¦: Push Pins for the bulletin board
♥ Holiday Refrigerator Magnets
:¦: Use Metallic Polymer Clay/Powders to create gorgeous original jewelry pieces
♥ Fancy Candy or Ice
:¦: Decorative Cinnamon Pieces - These just sit and smell good in a bowl on the table!
♥ Scented Decorative Wax Pieces for melting or just sitting around smelling good.

This mold is food grade compliant up to 395 degrees F. This enables you to either bake food, polymer clay, or any other type of material in the mold without harming it.

If you plan to use the mold for food, do not use it with any other material before putting your food product into the mold to eliminate any possibility of contamination.

This mold is made of non-toxic material and complies with 21CFR 177.2600. You can make candy or ice in this mold as well. If you use this mold for food/candy/ice applications do not use it with any other material prior to the intended food product to eliminate cross contamination from soap or wax etc. You may wash your mold carefully with soap and water.
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Color: Black

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