Red burgundy canvas grocery tote bag with apples and oranges pattern

Product Description
Canvas tote bag with apples and oranges pattern, sized for as grocery bag. Digital inkjet print on jacquard prepped canvas has been additionally treated with bubble jet for maximum wash fastness. The print has been pre-washed once and should be stable. A quick hand wash with warm water should do the trick if needed. Personally, I still use plastic for meat so that my bags aren't contaminated. But having nice looking bags ups the chances of remembering to take it with you, and no commercials on the bag means no comments on shopping the other store. The bags include a rigid removable bottom. My original prototypes used a mat board bottom that has gotten considerably beat up over time, but still functions to make the bag stand up on its own, making it easier to pack your groceries. They easily hold as much weight as you can carry* and will probably replace 2-3 plastic bags. I've accidentally packed mine to the point I could barely lift them and have had no failures in 2 years of testing my design.
Each bag measures about 32" in circumference, 4' deep bottom, 13 1/2" high. The handle is a total of 22" long and makes about a 8" drop. The bag is unlined for economy, but also has a small pocket and a hook and loop (Velcro) closure.
Note: If you need additional bags than what I have made up, or even a custom design, please don't hesitate to ask! (Send a message to the link at the bottom of the page)
Inspiration/Story Behind This Product
The grocery store can be such a visual feast,I thought it would be fun to make patterns from groceries. In contrast to my very abstract freeform studio art quilts, I really enjoy scanning unlikely things-like vegetables and using them as straight realism.
Materials Used
cotton duck cloth canvas, inkjet on canvas prints
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