Om Earth Green Tagua Nut Paper Bead Necklace

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Product Description
There's no piece like Om! This one of a kind necklace is among our favorites. The pendant design is an original, combining the Om symbol with an ancient symbol for earth. Jason has etched this design on a light jade green tagua nut pendant. I contributed the handmade green paper beads, which were recycled from an old nature calender page depicting a beautiful green forest scene with trees and moss. The beads and pendant are knotted on tan Irish linen, and are accompanied by rhyolite and verdite beads, in addition to a few bone beads salvaged from a castaway find.

The knotted ends are glued for security, and attach to a silver plated toggle clasp. This necklace measures 18 inches in length, and the pendant is 1.5 inches long.
Inspiration/Story Behind This Product
Tagua nuts are an Eco-Friendly product. They are harvested in the rainforests of Columbia and Ecuador and are a renewable, sustainable resource. The Tagua nut is often referred to as "vegetable ivory" due to its similarity to real ivory, though one Tagua palm tree's harvest is equal to ivory from one female elephant. The nuts have been used as an ivory substitute for 140 years. Their harvest keeps the rainforest trees in place, and helps support the employment of nearly 35,000 people in the rainforests.
Materials Used
Tagua Nut, Handmade Paper Beads, Irish linen, beads, toggle clasp
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