Baby Bailey Style, Value Pack, 7 pieces, Lisa Kettell

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Here is another series of handmade molded, doll heads, made from my original vintage small doll, now available for you to use in your works. This style is:
Baby Bailey Unfinished Doll, Flat Backed, Value Pack 7 pieces!

Each is made from a lightweight foam clay which won't peel, flake or break when dropped.

These are flat backed and lightweight perfect to use on atc's, in paper projects, as paper doll heads, scrapbooks, assemblage, as charms, and more! These pieces can also come rounded to use as doll heads in your doll projects.

They can be extra painted, inked, aged, glittered, easily use a skewer to pierce a hold through, works well with tacky glue, hot glue, caulk, etc.

This doll part comes in the style pictured, pre-painted for you:

Baby Bailey Doll, Flat Backed.

Measures 3 inches in height!

You get 7 total pieces in the style you see here
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