Handmade Fabric Cat Safety Collar, White Pink Polka Dots, Adjustable

Product Description
This handmade collar for cats and kittens of all sizes is made with a pure white cotton fabric that has bright pink polka dots on it! Very cute...and very comfortable since it is made of fabric. The collar is adjustable and is called a safety collar because it has a break away (breakaway) buckle. This is available in three adjustable sizes.

Since it is made of fabric, this type of collar is not irritating to your kitty and is very easy for him or her to wear. And also because it is 100% cotton, it is machine washable (air dry), and the collar can be ironed if you wish.

This particular collar is about 1/2 inch wide and is available in 3 sizes, each adjustable as noted below.

Small - adjusts from 5-1/2 to 8-1/2 inches approximately
Medium - adjusts from 8 to 12 inches approximately
Large - adjusts from 10 to 14 inches approximately

If you do not specify the size you prefer, I will make it as a medium which is the most popular size for most of my kitty customers.

All my collars are made with a side release safety buckle which is called a breakaway (break away) buckle so that if your cat gets caught on something at the collar by accident, when the cat struggles to escape, the buckle will pop open and the collar will come off so your kitty can escape.

NOTE: This means that you must NOT use this collar with any leash because your cat will be able to get away very quickly even with a little tugging on the leash.

There is a nickel-plated split ring for attaching your kitty ID tag or charms, and there is a bell attached which can be removed from the split ring if you wish.

If you do not want a bell, be sure to tell me and I will not attach one when I make your collar.

As with all cotton fabrics, over time there will possibly be fraying of the fabric as it wears out. Be sure to check the collar periodically and replace as needed. It is up to the buyer to be sure they are getting the right type of collar for their kitty.

Other special and colorful prints are available as well. Please take a look! Your kitty cats will be the envy of all the neighbor kitties when wearing one of my affordable and stylish collars!
Materials Used
cotton fabric, thread, interfacing, nickel plated buckle and slide, nickel plated bell
Product Attributes

Primary Material: Fabric

Pattern: Polka Dots

Color: White

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