Pendant or Brooch Dragonfly

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1 Clay Dragonfly Broach Or Pendant. The filigree base will come with a bail that is detachable and a pin back. So you may wear it as either. On the filigree base is a black clay base with a clay butterfly and sculpted pastel colored petals around the base of the dragonfly to match. It is an adorable little dragonfly, You can wear it many ways. That is why I made it for both. The filigree base is 1 1/4 inch square.

I have many items to match this. Barrettes, pendants, keepsake tins, rings, and more. Some are listed on Artfire, Some on Etsy. If you would like one and its on etsy please let me know. Ill be glad to put it on artfire for you if you would rather purchase from this site.
Inspiration/Story Behind This Product
I have this dragonfly and butterfly in many colors if you want something made out of it that you dont see please ask. I may have it and if i dont ill make it for you within 2 days and have it mailed on the third day.

If you have something you would like created and dont see it, please ask. I love making one of a kind creations. I sclupt, carve, desin all kinds of things, from babys to animals to flowers to jewelry. If you send me a clip art photo. I will do my best to create anything you desire. Id be honored to make a one of a kind original item for you. Just email me. You cant email a photo on here. so email me at and just title it special design request from artfire customer.
Materials Used
polymer clay, kato clay, dragonfly cane, fimo glaze, filigree base, black premo clay, white pearl clay, white pearls, black pearls, beads, fimo glaze, resin, clay cane, marsdesign, pastel sculpted petals, dragonfly cane,pin back, brooch, pendant, bail
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Product Attributes

Primary Material: Polymer Clay

Size: 1 1/4 inch square

Pattern: Dragonfly

Color: Black

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