Celtic knot aggravation board game w marbles and dice hand made

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Classic Aggravation board with Celtic knot engraved into the center of the game board. This game is ready for many hours of family fun. This unique game features an engraved Celtic knot in the center of the board game and this game includes 16 marbles, 4 matching dice all conveniently stored in a hand made draw-string bag.

As shown your Aggravation board game has a Roman Ogee edge routered into the side of the game which is hand painted black. I designed an inside octagon marble catch border carved into the game board which is hand painted baby blue. This aggravation game board will provide many hours of entertainment for the entire family. The Celtic style knot matches the colors of the marble holes.

This particular aggravation game board measures approximately 19 inches tall by 19 inches wide and .75 inches thick.

If you would like a custom game board made with your favorite colors contact me with your details. Your aggravation board game is made from solid hand picked three quarter inch thick cabinet grade pine plywood for solid one piece construction and is topped off with a several coats of polyurethane to make a strong long lasting durable hi gloss finish.

In case you are curious the marbles are also made in the USA. Please be aware that this Game is only intended for people OVER the age of 14 as the 9/16 inch marbles pose a risk of swallowing if used by Children unsupervised.

All my hand made board games are signed, stamped, and dated by me the craftsman who PERSONALLY made it. If you live in Houston and would like to save on shipping local pickup is available. All my Aggravation board games are strong durable games that your grandchildren will be playing 50 years from now. Each and every game I make is one of a kind; no two are exactly the same..

Copyright notice: Please note this octagon design is copyrighted thanks. Be original.

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hardwood plywod, polyurethane, acrylic enamel paint
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