American Bulldog on Purple Dog Art Acrylic Painting on 16x20x3/4 stretched canvas by Dottie Dracos 11 of 30

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This is the eleventh picture in my painting challenge!

American Bulldogs are renowned for their strong loyalty to those whom they consider their master, and have a reputation for acts of heroism and bravery when their master(s) are/is in danger. They're self confident, and have a genuinely gentle personality, which makes them very good with children. They look, and are, extremely powerful animals, with large broad heads(On the males), and have the power to jump up to six feet in the air.
They are a strong possibility for a family dog, living upwards to 16 years.

American Bulldogs should be trained from a young age, with obedience training from a strong willed master to teach them control. If not, they may be hostile to other dogs, though they are generally calm and quiet.

This is an original acrylic painting I have created. It is on a 16x20x3/4" stretched canvas. The sides have been painted the same color as in the background. It has been wired and is ready to hang with or without a frame.

I love painting animals, especially dogs! I create original paintings, prints, and pendants.

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