Dragons - Handmade, Altar cloth, 4 Elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water

Product Description
This Altar cloth is embroidered by hand on all four sides in the Elemental colours.

It is embroidered in cotton threads on black fabric, however you can request it being embroidered in metallic threads or a mix of metallic and cotton for the same price (photographs coming soon).

SIZE: 40 inch / 101.60 cm x 35.5 inch / 90.17 cm
Inspiration/Story Behind This Product
I was asked to make a smallish Altar cloth so that customers at events could have a look and should they want anything larger, could then discuss, thus this size began. I also wanted to make a simple cloth which had the Elemental colours on each side.
More Info
Some of the photographs may be on a slant due to my garden here at home in the UK having both an uneven path and ground.

Cotton Drill is hard wearing yet looks good. The Altar cloth is not backed but is finished off with care.

If you like the Altar cloth but would like to have a larger cloth, please do contact me to discuss price etc.

If you would like to discuss arranging a payment plan, contact as well as if you are in the UK and would prefer to arrange a cheque payment.
Product Attributes

Color: Green

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