Mens Necklace - Genuine Red Jasper Bear w/Bone & Jasper Beads

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This listing is for one necklace only. You have to pick which focal you would like.

This listing is for the Red Jasper Bear - Genuine Red Jasper

last two photos not included. they are examples of the other pendant focals I have available.

Each necklace is made of Genuine German Leather and strung with genuine bone black beads and White and black bone beads and Red Jasper beads. They are top quality and made locally at our Chippewa Indian Tribe Shope ( I love going there and watching them carve everything and make gorgeous beads and pendants & Im so excited to share them with you). The wolfs and bear are also hand carved by local tribesman and women. I had the honor to sit and watch them carve a wolf and the bear for me. And then the long process afterwards I didnt want to leave the shop. I cant wait to visit again for more treasures.

I have several lenghts of necklaces. I didnt like the idea of making them all 18" because some men have a larger neck. So please specify the necklace length you would like. I have added a small extender chain on there that I can remove if you prefer not to have it. Lobster claw clasp in gunmetal with gunmetal findings.



*All necklaces are beaded the same since the beads match very well. If there is a bead you do not like on there please tell me which one and I will exclude it from your necklace. I can custom make it to your liking.

If you would like more photos of the necklace you like just email me and I wlll be glad to send you photos please add your regular email in the message so that I can send them properly.

thank you for shopping handmade. Come again. I will be making mens rings and more mens jewelry soon.

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Inspiration/Story Behind This Product
My husband and kids are Chippewa Indian (part). Even thought they dont look it they are blond :) . We always enjoy learning about their heritage and fell in love with the shop that I found these beads in. So my son was really excited that I made them. He chose and owl one. I will be going back they said they may do eagles. Im excited for that. :) Hope you enjoy them.
Materials Used
red jasper, bone beads, genine german leather, lobster clasp, jasper bear carving, gunmetal findings, extender chain.
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Primary Material: Bone, jasper, leather

Pattern: Bear

Color: Grey

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