WILD BERRY SCONE English Walnut Wooden Wick Soy Candle

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(.o (.o` ? WILD BERRY SCONE will hit you first with a WARM FRESHLY BAKED ENGLISH SCONE, topped off with STRAWBERRIES, BLUEBERRIES, BLACKBERRIES, RASPBERRIES, & COCONUT! (12 oz size) is 100% NATURAL SOY WAX & not a soy blend or paraffin wax like most candles are made of. There are no fillers or chemicals in my candles. I have not added any colorants at all. You will enjoy SOY BEAUTY in the NATURAL CREAMY WARM COLOR found naturally in SOY.

I have SUPER SCENTED my candles. What is the point in buying a candle if it won't smell great! Right? They are especially ORGANIC with an ALL NATURAL ENGLISH WALNUT WOODEN WICK. The WOODEN WICK will give off a wonderful WARM GLOW with a SOFT CRACKLING WOOD FIREPLACE SOUND! ;) This candle will burn completely down every time & not adhere to the sides as many candles so disappointingly do.


? SOY CANDLES are clean burning. They produce 90% less soot & release no chemicals as compared to petroleum based chemical laden paraffin candles.

? SOY CANDLES last twice as long as other candles due to a slower burn rate.

? SOY is an all natural renewable resource grown by farmers in the USA!

? SOY CANDLES are Eco-friendly & are not made from petroleum so they don't increase the co2 levels in the atmosphere.

? SOY wax spills are easy to clean up with warm water & soap!

Each candle will come with a little card with the above benefits of soy written on it.

** If you wish to combine & save on shipping & buy more than one candle; I can set up a reserve listing for you. I charge a flat rate priority shipping of $11.35 for these candles if mailed within the US. You can get 3 candles to fit in this box for the same shipping price.

? With the 12 oz glass jar ~ it will last between 70 - 80+ hours. You should only burn your soy candle for 2 hours at a time. One should always put the candle on a non-flammable coaster for extra added protection.
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Primary Material: Soy wax

Size: 12 oz

Color: White

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