Vintage Bead Pink Angel Skin Coral Necklace,Ivory,Cloisonne ,14K Gold

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Vintage angel skin coral beads 1980, Vintage Pre Ban Chinese carved Ivory knot beads, Vintage Chinese cloisonne barrel beads 1970

Stunning vintage angel skin coral round beads graduate from 14mm to 12mm to
10mm ( there are 25mm to the inch ) and have been combined with 2 substantial carved and faceted barrel shaped coral beads that measure 23mm x 10mm.
There are over 125 grams of coral in this necklace.
****Coral is the hard skeleton created by tiny marine organisms known as "coral polyps". Corals live in warm water oceans all over the world,and their habitat has been steadily disappearing because of human water pollution and over fishing. Since coral collection and mining was banned worldwide in 1992, it is very difficult to find such beads as these in the bead trade!
The U.S also currently has a ban on importing corals .
Next to red (oxblood)and dark orange, angel skin -pink and white - is the most desired and most valuable.****

Vintage cloisonne barrels frame and accentuate the 4 hand carved pre ban ivory ' knot ' 10mm beads and the large 17mm ornately carved focal ivory bead - the carving on this bead is exceptional and quite intricate as you can see in the photos.
Such vintage Chinese cloisonne from the 1970s is quite sought after and collectible because of the precise workmanship and attention to detail.
These cloisonne barrels are a lovely ' cinnabar red ' color and have little turquoise flowers on each one.

This necklace has been hand knotted on silk cord and measures approximately 24" long - it's been finished with a 14K gold lobster clasp and will arrive in a vintage Chinese embroidered brocade bag all ready for gift giving.
**** Shipping included Registered Insured mail within the U.S. ***

? Many people sell ivory today and many state that it is " pre ban" ivory. I feel as a seller on Artfire , that it is my responsibility to let you know exactly what " pre ban ivory" means and also to assure you that any ivory beads I sell in my shop, were purchased before this ban. We have the documentation to prove this.
"In 1989, the Parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora ( CITES ) banned the international trade in African elephant ivory. Such trade in Asian elephant ivory has been banned by CITES since 1975."
This quotation is from a report released by the Humane Society of the United States in October of 2002.
CITES banned the sale of ASIAN elephant ivory as early as 1975. Despite the fact that it was legal to trade in AFRICAN ivory until 1989 ( and our items were purchased in 1984 ) Customs officials seem to be currently prohibiting entry of ALL ivory products regardless of origin unless accompanied by an export license which validates acquisition prior to 1973. We regret that we cannot ship outside the U.S. for this reason ?

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Primary Material: Vintage Angel Skin Coral, Ivory, Cloisonne

Size: 24"

Pattern: EurekaEureka

Color: Pink

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