15" Drop Avalon Cornice Corner Window Kit

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Installing individual cornices on each window on a corner window results in an unprofessional looking project. Installing a continuous cornice on both of the windows in a corner could be very tricky because of cutting the Styrofoam angles to match the angle in the corner. Our Corner Window Adapters are unique; this is the only easy solution to that tricky corner window dilemma. Our Corner Window Adapters make it super easy to accommodate those tough to measure angles. Our Corner Window Adapters are used for a full 90 degree angle in a corner window. Each Corner Window Adapter includes: 1- 16" Corner Window Adapter, 2- 5" brackets, and screws and anchors.To estimate what size Cornice Kit to order for a corner window, looking at the corner window, measure (from left to right): 1) The distance from the left side of the left window to the center of the corner (example: 76"), and 2) The center of the corner to the right side of the right window (example: 40"). The total distance is: 76" + 40" + 2" (left overlap) + 2" (right overlap = 120". Since the Corner Window Adapter is 16", subtract 16": 120" - 16" = 104" Therefore, you would order a Cornice Kit for 97"-112" openings PLUS your Corner Window Adapter.
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