Pure Microdermabrasion Crystals Aluminum Oxide 120 Grit 4 oz

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Pure Microdermabrasion Crystals Aluminum Oxide 120 Grit 4 oz

You can use these Microdermabrasion Crystals with your sponge machine or just use your hand. You can make your own Microderm-cream or lotion that is similar to those on the market or used in day spas. Clear up Acne, shrink Pores, exfoliate dead skin for a brighter clearer looking skin, and fades Age spots, even tones out your skin.

These medical grade Microdermabrasion Crystals (99.8% Pure, Medical Grade, Super Fine 120 Micron Aluminum Oxide Crystals) are the exact same crystals found in most high-end dermabrasion creams and lotions. These are the exact same crystals being used in Microdermabrasion units that are located in your nearest doctors office, spa or salon.

Try once a week and see how your skin responds, you may need to change to once or twice a month if your skin is thin or sensitive, or move up to twice a week if your skin is thicker or more tolerant. Some use this everyday, again the choice is yours to make. These crystals are not just for use on the face. They can be used on any part of the body (elbows, hands, feet, knees) where you need smoother, more even toned skin. They work great as a pre-tanning treatment to exfoliate the skin.

Dermabrasion Crystals are made of High Purity (99.6%) White Aluminimum Oxide. Dermabrasion Crystals are used by Professionals in Microdermabrasion equipment, but can easily be added to creams and cleansers to create milder exfoliating products for home use. For this use, we offer a 120 size grit which feels like fine grains of sand when added to creams.

Microdermabrasion crystals can be useful in creating skin-sloughing formulations to safely eliminate dead cells located in the epidermis and enhance cell renewal at the superficial skin surface.
Simply add to your own body wash, shower gel, facial cleanser, liquid soap, cream, or lotion for an all-over body exfoliation.

Ingredients: Medical Grade Microdermabrasion Crystals of 99.8% Pure Medical Grade, Super Fine 120 Micron Aluminum Oxide Crystals. These same Crystals are great for a Full Body Wash / Body Scrub as well.

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