Flying Dragon Wide Cuff, Acid Etched Will Fit Larger Wrists

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Product Description
This bracelet is fabricated with Aluminum which has been deeply acid etched with a flying dragon. If you like the look of Silver but do not like the prices of 925 Sterling Silver nor the weight of such pieces then Aluminum may fit your tastes. Aluminum has the capacity to have the design embossed on with a rolling mill, etched in acid, engraved, and stamped. It also can be highly polished to resemble the shine of Sterling Silver at a fraction of the price.

This cuff bracelet is 1" Wide, 7" long with an opening of 1". It will fit up to a 8" wrist and is slightly adjustable. The bracelet is oval in shape as our wrists are oval and not round making the bracelet fit nicely as well as be comfortable. It has the appearance of Satin Sterling Silver the dragon design in a high polish.

Many hours of labor and time are involved in making jewelry by metal-smith and forging techniques. They are a One Of A Kind and unique. If you are looking for something distinctive please consider the various Artists who hand forge their jewelry. It takes love, talent, determination, imagination, lots of equipment and time to produce these lovely products for you. Most jewelry on the market today is mass produced and you will never find a One Of A Kind metal piece made with love unless you purchase from an Artist who hand forges their jewelry. If you are looking for something special for yourself or that special someone that no one else will have then please purchase an item from a Metal-smith Artist and you will have something to treasure for years to come. Hand forged jewelry is rarely perfect but it provides character and distinctiveness that mass manufactured items do not have. If you want 'perfect' then please go with the mass manufactured items. Although my items are not 'perfect' I guarantee that that they been lovingly designed and created with pride. I would not offer for sale a piece I would not want to wear. The jewelry offered here has been personally designed and hand forged by Funky Twist Jewelry. Thank you Artfire for giving me the opportunity to offer my designed and hand forged jewelry for purchase to the public.

Please note that what you see is what you get. Look intently at the pictures because they are part of the description. Pictures are of all angles and show imperfections, if any, but please be aware that the pictures are highly magnified. No returns for imperfections which are visible in any of the pictures.

To show imperfections are the reason these pictures are highly magnified but please be aware that pictures will also show minor imperfections which are not visibly apparent on the piece at normal size.

Thank you for looking. Enjoy your day.
Inspiration/Story Behind This Product
There is something good that comes out of everything. Hand forging metal requires a lot of effort, time, and determination. Personally, it helps me to alleviate my every day frustrations. The more frustrated I am the more I design, shape, form, hammer, cut, revise, solder, polish, and finish making something beautiful out of a shapeless piece of metal.
Materials Used
Heavy Aluminum
Acid Etching Solution
Protective Overcoat
More Info
Proper way to put on a cuff bracelet. Bending cuff bracelets when improperly putting them on will weaken metal and sometimes loosen bezels and stones. Use the following technique and you will fine it is more comfortable and preserves the condition and shape of your bracelets.

Turn palm of your hand up. Above the wrist is a soft spot between two tendons. Hold the bracelet like a C putting the bottom of the C onto the soft spot on the arm, then roll the wrist into the C. Reverse the procedure to remove bracelet. Even small cuffs with a narrow opening can be put on larger wrists in this manner and will preserve both your skin and the bracelet.
Product Attributes

Primary Material: Aluminum

Size: 1" Wide, 7" long with an opening of 1"

Pattern: Flying Dragon

Color: Silver

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