May Chang Natural Room Spray - Air Freshener - 4 oz Mist

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May Chang (also known as Litsea Cubeba) has a wonderful sweet, sunny aroma that most people mistake for citrus. It smells reminiscent of citrus but much sweeter. It has a refined scent that is similar to verbena and makes a wonderful perfume or body mist.

Also works wonderfully as a refreshing air freshener.
Ideal around the kitchen and dining room where synthetic scents can clash with the aroma of foods.

AromaMists are truly ALL NATURAL & made with 100% pure and natural essential oils. No Synthetics Used.

AromaMists produce an ultra-fine mist that makes them ideal for use as a room spray to change the ambiance and incorporate aromatherapy benefits into your daily life.

Like my other products, AromaMists are wonderfully versatile. You can freshen rooms, musty closets, restrooms, bedrooms, or any place you need a burst of natural clean scents--all without the use of anything synthetic.

Diffuse your favorite essential oils into the air without the need for expensive aromatherapy diffusers or tea light candles. The best part is it is completely natural!

To Use: Shake well and spray. Some essential oils partially disperse into water and some float on top, so be sure to shake well before each and every use. These essential oils MAY stain clothing, so use caution around light fabrics


This listing is for one 4 oz plastic spray bottle of AromaMist in 'May Chang'
Other Scents Available & Custom Blends Available Upon Request!

Go Green! Glass Containers and Refill Options Available - Contact me for details. _________________________________________________________________
For external use only. Do not use concentrated essential oils directly on or around infants or pets. Keep away from heat and direct sunlight and use within 90 days.

Caution - Essential Oils are concentrated botanical extracts. As with any other natural product, allergies may occur. Pregnant or breastfeeding women as well as individuals with health conditions should consult they physician prior to using any new products.
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