Native American... Handmade Turquoise "N" Copper... Earrings

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Product Description
Everyone should have Turquoise in their Jewelry box.
These earrings are dainty, lightweight and very versital, and will go with just about everything.
Campo Frio Turquoise, 3mm copper beads, 20ga. copper wire
All my copper pieces are hand forged from a straight piece of copper and all of the pieces has been filed and buffed so that it will not catch on fabric or scratch the skin.
The copper wire used is in it's natural form and has not been treated with waxes or sprays.
Copper naturally oxidizes over time and develops a patina. Some people love that look and some prefer to keep it shiny.
To keep them shiny, soak in vinegar. It does not take long, you can just about see it change as you watch. When they are shiny again, rinse and dry.
Earhooks are handforged with 20ga. copper wire
Earrings... 1" long...
Inspiration/Story Behind This Product
I just love working with turquoise.
Materials Used
Campo Frio Turquoise, 3mm copper beads, 20ga. copper wire
More Info
About Campo Frio Turquoise
Mine: The Campo Frio mine is located in Sonora, Mexico
Color: Green to shades of bright sky blue
Matrix: Gold-colored matrix
Rarity: Relatively abundant
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Color: Blue

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