Quilled Butterfly with Pink Daisies

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Product Description
Invite warm weather into your home with a butterfly hovering over a spray of pink daisies.

The Monarch butterfly is black and orange; the upper wings are layer to give the design a bit more dimension. The daisies petals were created using a variety of shades of pink. The daisy centers are burgundy with a touch of yellow. The stems are meadow green.

The white background has a dusting of green to add a bit if depth. The frame has a wood grain finish and measures approximately 8-1/4" x 8-1/4". The frame can be wall mounted or freestanding

Please note: The actual color may vary from the photo since each computer monitor displays colors differently.
Inspiration/Story Behind This Product
The butterfly symbolizes transition, celebration, lightness, and time. Daisies represent purity, innocence, loyal love, beauty, patience and simplicity.
Materials Used
More Info
Quilling is also referred to as paper filigree. This craft started as far back as the 15th Century. It is believed that French and Italian nuns and monks were the first to decorate religious objects with paper in order to give them the rich look of ivory or gold.

This art form is called 'quilling' because it is thought that the paper was originally rolled over the end of a goose quill. In modern times, a design is creating by using a 'quilling' needle (basically a thin wire at the end of a circular handle). Thin strips of paper are cut into lengths and then rolled into a coil; the longer the length, the larger the coil. A dab of glue is then used to hold the coil together. The coil is then bent into a teardrop, heart, square, rectangle, marquise, etc. Each coil is then glued to another coil until a design is formed. The paper can also be used to make scrolls (end is not glued). Hundreds of coils and scrolls are needed for some designs.

"Huskings" are also popular. This technique uses a series of pins around which the paper is looped. Each time a loop is added so is a dab of glue. Wider lengths can be fringed to make flowers that look like pom-poms or daisies, whereas, very thin widths can be twisted into spirals to create hair. Paper punching has also become popular with many quillers.

Quilling requires a great deal of time and patience but the end result is well worth it!
Product Attributes

Primary Material: Paper

Size: 8-1/4" x 8-1/4"

Pattern: Butterfly, floral, Daisy

Color: Pink

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