Peridot Butterfly Elven Headdress Princess Wedding Bridal Handfasting

Product Description
Pretty delicate pale green Peridot beads adorn this pretty butterfly headdress.
Two beads sit in the centre of the butterfly with another two on each side clip.
Adds a beautiful elven feel to any dress for wedding or handfasting, costuming and role play.
Easily clips in either side of the hair, by adjusting where you place the clips, you can experiment on how low or high the butterfly sits on your forehead.
Pretty silver plated chain joins each component and also drapes down the side of the headpiece giving a beautiful face framing effect.
This piece will fit any head size or shape.
Looks gorgeous with hair up or down.
More Info
Peridot is the birthstone for August and is certainly stunning choice for a summer gathering.
Peridot is a stone of protection that is focused on yourself. It clears your head, removing negative emotions or at least giving them a proper place where they don't interfere with your life.
Product Attributes

Color: Silver

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