OLD DIRT BROWN Hand Dyed Rug Hooking Wool Penny Rug Craft

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Rug Hookers Quarter Yard
Hand Dyed 100% woven wool - med weight
Rug Hooking wool supplies - Penny Rug - Wool Quilting, Applique

MARBLED RICH EARTH BROWN- hand dyed, lightly mottled, DEEP DIRT BROWN WITH HINTS OF NEW GROWTH GREENS AND TURNED LIGHTER EARTH BROWNS- hand dyed by marbling an as-is CHOCOLATE, and as-is BRIGHT KELLY GREEN, tied tightly for strong color bleeding changes in the dye pot. This is very versatile and useful deep brown with lots of life and flashes of color.

1/4 of a yard of wool before dyeing - known as a hookers fat quarter - wool fibers tighten up during the dyeing process.

Rug Hookers fat quarter yard - approx. 16x26 AFTER dyeing - all wool shrinks differently.

Each piece has mottling and vivid rich colors.
Dyes set with citric acid.

All the wool is brand new off the bolt from American wool mills. The wool is 12 to 14 oz weight per yard.

THIS IS A TOTAL OF fat 1/4 OF A YARD OF HAND DYED WOOL before dyeing - also known as a "hookers fat quarter"

ALL OUR WOOL IS PERFECT FOR PRIMITIVE AND TRADITIONAL WOOL CRAFTS OF ALL KINDS. This wool can be used for penny rugs, traditional and primitive rug hooking with #3 to #10 cuts and larger, wool quilts, sewing, diaper cover woollies, and many other crafts that need or use wool.

The lanolin we use is Pharmaceutical grade and highly refined. We use Kookaburra wool wash with Lanolin in our final rinse and soak for all our hand dyed wools.

Rug hooking wool, penny rug wool, diaper woollies, and craft wool with lanolin re-infused into it resists dust and dirt better. It is also more water and stain repellent than non treated wool. The wool is softer and less harsh on your hands and helps protect your hands from drying and chapping as you use it.


These are brand new 100% wool fabric hand overdyed in our acid dyes from Pro Chem and Cushing.
These wools are all the perfect weight for rug hooking and penny rugs. A nice medium weight with great hand and feel to each wool. These wools are 12 to 14 ounce per yard. Perfect for rug hooking, penny rugs, applique, quilting, sewing and more. These wools are all what I use in my own rug hooking and wool crafts, and I know first hand how each and every wool reacts and responds when being used for rug hooking and crafts. This is marvelous quality wool.

All our wool is already washed, hand dyed and lanolin soaked in Kookaburra wool wash - ready to use.

We steam press all our wool before we photograph it, list it and store it for shipping. These wools are dyed, in stock and ready to ship as soon as payment is made. We only have the quantity listed, but can always dye more, or dye another color on your request.


If you need wool cut for rug hooking, I will cut in the size you request with no additional charges or fees, as long as you are willing to wait for a day or two for shipping after your payment and checkout.

We use a Rigby and a Fraser to cut our wool.

We have blade sizes #3 through #10. Blade numbers and widths are as follows:
# 3 = 3/32" wide
# 4 = 1/8" wide
# 5 = 5/32" wide
# 6 = 6/32" wide
# 7 = 7/32" wide
# 8 = ¼" wide
# 8.5 = 5/16" wide
# 9 = 3/8" wide
#10 = ½" wide
#3-#4 are considered as fine or traditional rug hooking size - you get very fine detailing with these size cuts.
#5-#7 are midway sizes and allow some detailing
#8-#8.5 are considered traditional primitive hooking widths
#9-#10 are considered wide hooking
Each cut has it's own nuances and pros and cons - it is perfectly acceptable to use all sizes of cuts in one rug or art piece. We will be happy to cut bundles in one size or a variety of sizes for each bundle for you with no additional fees. Just let us know in checkout messages or email what sizes you want your wool.

Please see my store policies for more information on the lanolin we use.
Materials Used
wool, lanolin, acid dye
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Color: Brown

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