Hershey Candy Bar Wrappers Wedding Favors Style B QTY 50

Product Description
QTY 50 on Parchment

The wrappers themselves are appx 6.5 x 5"

Unlike most that you can buy that are just cheap thin labels, these are PHOTO quality SHARP images, and look and feel JUST like a real candy bar wrapper! They also easily glue or hot glue on instantly just like REAL CANDY BARS instead of trying to pry off the little sticker backs! Just take off the old wrapper on the candy bar and add these! If you can't find any candy bars with the foil on them, just use inexpensive tin foil instead, it will look the same, and you'll get that great nostalgic effect.

They fit the standard 1.55 oz bars exceptionally!

(candy bars & foil not included).
Materials Used
paper, ink, design
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First Item: $5.00
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United Kingdom
First Item: $15.00
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First Item: $10.00
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