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Tall red grape hand carved hand painted walking stick

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This is a tall staff style hiking stick. Hand carved, and hand painted. One of a kind and a work of art. Some people collect walking sticks just as art and this would certainly be a show piece. It is signed, as are all my sticks. For some reason I neglected to take a close up but it's there. In the lower part of the sheath. Not real obvious, which is how I sign them all. But it is there.
So yes, it's a work of art however, I made it to be used. It's very strong, comfortable to hold, and nice to walk with. (I test all my sticks on several hikes myself. This one certainly passes my test.)

Red grapes have been carved in relief against a hand carved faux drift wood texture. The sheath, seems to be a style I repeat often, sort of a faux leather thing and it has been sanded very smooth and given extra layers of paint and clear coat sealer. It's very smooth and very comfortable to hike with.

The stick is about 56 inches tall. (See the second photo, shot next to a yard stick.) And it's nice and fat and yet surprisingly light.

I rarely know what kind of wood I'm carving. I generally find wood in the local woods of Michigan. But judging from how fibrous this one was, and what a royal pain it was to carve, especially round shapes into fibrous wood, only once before I carved a piece that I knew the wood to be sycamore. (See the African staff also in my shop. That one was sycamore.)
For that other stick I got the wood from a friend who showed me the tree it came from. But this one is found. I'm only guessing the wood type because it was just as nasty to carve as that other.
(Note to self, do NOT carve sycamore again!!!!)

Back to this stick. That driftwood pattern is faux. Meaning each little line of grain was carved with a round cutting bit on my dremel. Then those grooves are painted with a wash of acrylic paint. I let the dark wash settle into the grooves and when dry, I lightly sand. Then I paint the whole thing with a wash of lighter color. And repeat.
It takes several layers of paint to do this but the end result really comes out sweet.

note; some of my photos are a bit over exposed. The shots of the lower part, below the sheath is more true to the actual color. It's a bluish gray, not white. I was shooting for a weathered drift wood the grapes are growing around. Sort of like an old fence post.

The paints used are not chap craft paints. I use artist grade acrylics. Same kind of paint I use on canvas. Then the whole staff is clear coated to help protect the paint.

There is a rubber foot at the base, (yes removable.)

To see more photos and read more about the process, I have all the sticks ever made on my own website here.


My shipping cost is a total guess and is probably too high.
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If it's actually higher, I'll just pay that myself. Doubt it will be.
Of course your welcome to contact me first with a zip code and let me get an actual quote. Most people don't want to wait so I have to put something here.
Please serious inquires only.


YES I will actually ship this anywhere.
However there is no way I can get even a good guess on rates to every other possible destination.
So if your outside the continental USA, you will have to contact me first. Sorry about that, but it's just impossible to list "everywhere else" and not end up either ripping you off or me!

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

This was actually a request by someone who liked a shorter stick that can be seen on my site. Originally she wanted two staffs. These take forever to do and I only make a few a year when weather permits. (I do all my carving outside.) Well I finished this one, she liked it, we emailed back and forth, then nothing. I gave up. Later she said she hasn't forgotten. It's been many months and I gave up. So I'm just going to list this here.

Don't know if I'll make another grape staff or not. Carving grapes is not the easiest and actually my native american staffs sell better. But who knows. I carve what ever the stick seems to ask for.

Materials Used

wood, probably sycamore, acrylic paint, clear gloss, rubber foot

Product Attributes

Color: Blue


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"Bulk orders."

I've been asked often enough what is a bulk order that I decided to spell it out here.

Ten or more canes qualifies as a bulk order and will get you ten more canes free! DOUBLE UP!
To take advantage of this you MUST contact me first.
Give me your list of choices, let me make sure I have enough on hand. Then I'll set up your custom listing at the discounted price.

Another way is with custom requests. I have been asked on occasion to come up with a specific design, then that customer wants the entire batch. (On average, I make about 2' of cane, but that all depends on the design. Could be more could be less.) The price in that case will depend on the complexity of design and quantity and will be quoted in person. But it will be a good discount over the regular per piece price. Your saving me time to cut, wrap and individually pack so I'm happy to pass that savings along.


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Payment methods;
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NOTE; re mailing money orders;

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I pack and store my canes better than when I started out all because of a complaint. If no one says anything I'd never know there was a problem.
I'll do what ever I can on a case by case basis. Just let me know if there is any problem.


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